Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lina Joy is joyful

Few days ago news about a raid carried out by the Selangor Islamic Department JAIS at a gathering organised by one church in Petaling Jaya created quite a controversy.
Of course, JAIS as an Islamic body has no right to enter or barred any Christians from performing any activities according to their faith. Rather their action was triggered when they received a report indicating that there was about a hundred or so Muslim people joining in the church late afternoon activities.

The action, which can trigger some religious-related bitterness is however being dealt carefully in my opinion. It is not being overblown by the media and my guess was it must be an instruction from the top.
On the other hand, the Selangor Mentri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim, who will be answerable to this matter, and who claimed that it was mere multi-racial gathering, is also appealing to the media not to 'discuss' the issue before getting any facts on the raid. He got two party to answer to ; 1- the religious head of the state; 2 - his political party PKR which champion multi racial and just for every Malaysian.

Asked me, I'd say, why,  he must claim it was a multi racial dinner in order not to bruised his other party non-Muslim members -- his hands are being tied and mouth being controlled.

The issue which was not being covered much (perhaps to respect other religion and in the spirit of 1 Malaysia), must be an ultimate expose of Muslim people going into a church and joining in their activities, which was not new but not reported.

The specification of the activities was not yet known but involves singing among others.

According to the lady who was apprehended, when interviewed, claimed she had been attending such gathering following a suggestion from another Muslim friend in order to earn an allowance. She who is also a single mother said she did so due to financial difficulties and after failing to get monetary assistance from an Islamic department when approached.

She also said that she had even been assisted financially to start her own small business. When asked about her religious stand, she claimed she is still a Muslim.

Well, if you ask me, I'd say, this lady, although not knowing whether or not she had denounce Islam, her action itself is a reflection of her 'akidah' or faith in Islam. It's a show of her faith is being compromised. What more when the activities was carried out during a fasting month and they are there near to the breaking of fast -- thus making us wonder do they fast or otherwise...

Organisations financed by Christian bodies assisting individuals, or a group are not new. They are known to help those homeless, or drug addicts with temporary shelter and food. I have also heard about Muslim people mainly those who worked in factory with low paying salary or universities students having financial problems, being 'helped' financially by issuance of monthly allowance. In return they must attend the church activities, which initially does not look religious but slowly it'll turn to be one.
The only thing most people don't know is, this issue had been going on for a very long time, but this particular news got into the limelight because now these Malays turning Christians are more bold in their appearance which answered the increasing numbers of people denouncing Islam each year.

On church giving out monetary reward to single mothers and those in needs -- I honestly don't have any comment. To say it is not good -- it is good. Just like the woman interviewed said; if she can't do any work and get money, is it okay if she had just sell her body? In other words, she's saying that; it's  and okay for her to join in a Christian congregations rather then selling her body for money...

My word for her -- is it that hard to find any decent work or it is just so easy to sell and buy religion? Is so hard to find decent work that no other thing can make do but being a prostitutes?
Doesn't she have family to ask help from?
Doesn't she have any other means or ways of finding a proper job with decent pay but instead selling her faith for  a couple of hundred ringgit?

If  seven out of 10 Muslim lives along this kind of thought, I'm guessing the percentage of Christians Malays will see a significant increase in years to come.

Perhaps in Christianity to feel the glory of God so easy. It can be bought or paid for.
So, anyone (in this case non-Christians) having monetary problems shouldn't look far.  Just pay a visit to any church nearby, and a remuneration will be in order.


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