Friday, 19 August 2011

MONEY is greater then GOD

Besides heavy political dramas (i cant help it but to compare it during Mahathir Mohammad's era, whatever you might say about it), Malaysia is becoming another drama scene of religious silver screen.

There had been quite a significant religious-based drama (actually both in the real world and on TV as i noticed many Malay dramas about religion and many actresses now donning head scarves portraying a Muslim women in hijab, to the extend that I'm rather confuse whether they'd donned it for good or just for acting) ever since the premier after Mahathir -- Abdullah Badawi with Islam Hadhari -- which of course is way down the drain and definitely down residing at the bed of the Pacific Ocean already.

The recent hullas was about the 12 Malay men and women being apprehended at the Harapan Komuniti (Community Hope) dinner of the Damansara Utama Methodist Church in Petaling Jaya. The raid which follows with incongruous actions by the Selangor Mentri Besar, Khalid Bin something (Im not bothered to remember his bapak's name), whom after the incident, announced his apology to the Christians for the raid by the Selangor authority JAIS and would promise a report shall be in order to rectify the matter (in other words he's trying to convinced the Christians not to be angry and he will be getting a complete report on WHY Jais did that...).

That, of course ensued an automatic reaction and a protest from some Islamic-based NGOs to stage resentment toward his cowardliness by saying sorry and in a way allowing the 12 persons do what they do -- of course this Khalid had to do that in order to still stay at the seat, and to kow-tow to his party Pakatan Rakyat (PKR), which consists of all races and religion although he is really stupid. He can just make things neutral by saying an investigation will be carried out before opening his dirty mouth.
Now, he got to wash his mouth thoroughly because the protesters brought along a toilet bowl with ribbon in front of the office compound. I bet they want him to know that his mouth smells foul as the toilet bowl.

There a many Islamic realisation coming to the shore for the past  decade.
Muslim ladies and teenager are seen more tudung-clad compared to during my teenage time, where we're more happy to don mini skirts and have our hair done to whatever the 80s style was.

As a personal opinion, I surely think it is good. I mean I had been lambasted for pointing out that not all tudung- clad ladies are well-behaved and pious. Some of the remarks I've gotten was ' well at least we covers our head'.....yeah, yeah....
Yeah. Of course, I wont be hanged by my hair while having river of fire under me and being punished in hell for my sins of not covering my head...BUT, at least I don't make fun of the Muslim's dress code. I don't cover my head and leave open my chest to show off my pendant, or cover my head but wearing leggings and bareback, or WORST still, wearing baby-doll gowns on top of some tight long sleeves inner, which shows so much of my bodily figure.
I mean, do YOU as a tudung-clad person, really wear your hijab as HOW you should be wearing? Loose, covers your neck right to the chin, and cover your boobies, and not forgetting wearing your head covers normally without the hump at the back of your head the Syrian style ?

Anyway, I don't want to say much about the way young and middle aged Muslim women donning  what they don the recently years. Up to them. I don't give a toot.

So, coming back to Islamic realisation among the Muslims in Malaysia, which has it's good side too -- there are also some quarters who'd politicise the matter. The so-called non-halal beer becoming  halal again, coffees with traces of pig gelatin, and now not halal, which I'm quite skeptical on the claim, to the crossed-like pictures among the masjid on praying mats to the extend of  buns having crossed-like are being watched diligently.

The up rise awareness of all Islamic things probably due to too many  Muslims converting to Christianity. One minister stated that a faith crime act be enacted as  apostasy is spreading at a rapid scale.

To me those Muslims who had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, let them be...maybe some of you might think that by doing so, we are actually allowing sin of apostasy be free to roam among the Muslims, BUT let's face the truth. When one heart desire, they'll only go for what they desire. 
In my opinion, it will only be to no avail.
Once they had willing to take money and in return sell their faith -- honestly, these are morons of MORONS.
These people should be left unattended. What would a consultation produce when deep in their heart nothing is more greater than money.

No doubt as another Muslim, we, responsible people need to act and help bring these people to the right path. However, if confirmed that they disavowed Islam, then, there ain't anything much we can do -- unless the country is practising hudud law.

There are such people that claim they are Muslims, but in actual fact they've already rejected some of the basic Islamic foundation and bow to others, and these group who will doing things against the religion are called musyrik.

The fact is, apostasy in Islam in Malaysia has been taking its ground but were made widely known past five years. It is something that, as another follower, we'd be feeling remorse of their deed, yet have to accept the fact that, it has been going on for centuries...and there's nothing much we can do about it.

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