Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Quran burning.

Church plans Quran-burning event -

In protest of what it calls a religion "of the devil," a nondenominational church in Gainesville, Florida, plans to host an "International Burn a Quran Day" on the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks.

It's a pity that this Pastor has a very shallow outlook on the religion.
No doubt the religion (Islam) had been labeled as a violent religion thanks to all those fanatics' favourite pastime of bombing and killing innocent people in hope to die a martyr, I'm sure this pastor's ideology is only being supported and shared among people of his likes.

And there aren't many of them worldwide.

Another amusing perception of this pastor on Islamic worshippers was, those who congregate the Kaaba 'are not a happy bunch' --and he must got it all from watching them on the television-- personally, to me this was merely a statement from a person who is in dire lack of understanding of other religion and a person who is actually emotionally tormented.

His, I'd like to put, are the same as those Islamic fanatics who'd kill others by strapping bombs on themselves and be willing to die in pieces leaving behind their family in the name of Allah swt. How stupid can one be.

Their failure in understanding the needs and wants of Islam made such.
Of course, in this pastor's case we wouldn't expect more.

He knows well that all religions and faiths teaches only good things to all the followers, but it is only the people of the religion itself that made it look bad thus received such labels from the non-follower.

And on his remark that Islam is not 'a religion of joy'....that I must agree!
We don't do singing and play band in our mosque. We stand united and prostrate in unity following the Imam and believe that one day when our true imam, i.e. Imam Mahdi will be born and
Jesus@isaAlayhis Salaam will finally walk again on this earth to save the religion and their follower from further discrimination.
Only then we will be understood better by the non-followers.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Work of media.

I'm getting sick of reading the daily dose of young unmarried couple dumping their newly born child in dumpsters, in the river and all. And that what was found and reported. We don't really know the actual statistic.

I saw one picture, and of course this was made as the front page by one local newspaper on one newly-born baby found amongst the rubbish with his face down and the umbilical cord still circling around the neck, with the hair so lush black.
He must be a beautiful baby. And the young father and mother must be put away as a killer.

Honestly, I think the court or authorities must be crazy to let this kind of killer gets away with their actions although Suhakam (one of the local NGOs) spokesperson says that not all of such cases, the parent(s) action could be count as killing!

What if it wasn't then?
Compassion killing because they (the killer parents) has some conscience and pities the uncharted future of the child whom was born out of wedlock?

The media had been playing such news on a daily basis of course, there are good and bad of it.
The bad thing would be the show of very very bad social detriment among the people especially the certain race which I don't wanna keep on blasting, but just love to. Yup, the certain Malays! They must be a very lustful pack who can't control ejaculations. Or perhaps so euphoric the feeling of sex that they don't have enough time to put on the french cap...seeshhh....!
Perhaps they are so dumb to even think about the result of their making. What more about sins because sinful thing is always tempting.

The good thing would be parents are being made aware of the current situations thus must take heed from the news and take action on their end. Precautions such as educating their children on out of wedlock sex and its repercussions. It must be an uneasy situation and are a taboo among most people, but hey, we're developing, our young child are growing -- why wait to let them know. They'd learnt it from the net anyway!

Now, don't' tell me that I'm yea-ing sex out of wedlock. Some of the feedback I got telling me that, that would resulted in the teen being curious and wanting to try. But tell me honestly, would you know that your teens who'd just came out of puberty is on heat? Do you know that they might not go to school instead go to some one's house to 'experiment their love' and like one person told me sometime ago -- eager boiling sex soup?

Admit it.
We can't.
We can't protect them from doing what we don't want them to do and prohibiting them would only enraged their desire and rebellion.

What we need is the media to stop or reduce on the report of all these newly-born dumping news because don't be surprise if that news might on the other hand gave a wrong indication to those prospective baby-killer.
They might think that it's not hard to do. Others do it too.

The media should stop publicising (not reporting) and start educating. Have a special column in the newspaper on teenage sex and its effect both emotionally, physically and religious-wise. Teachers in school can use the column as a reference thus reduce the 'malu' (defi: shy) thing in them since we're Asians.
They can also conduct talk or educational discussions on sex -- not on a mix arrangement but private girls only and boys only. This would enable the teenagers to discuss freely without feeling shy that boys would hear their opinion or questions.

Just like Durex's advert, a small in-put on a daily basis can be very informative.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Murder and attempting murder.

Not all is murder, says Gani.
If a baby is simply dumped or abandoned, but safe, then the parent cannot be
prosecuted for murder. In such cases, the parent may be booked under other
sections of the Penal Code, depending on the circumstances."

cabinet, concerned with the number of baby-dumping cases in the country, had
recently asked the police to investigate such cases for murder or attempted

Pity those unwanted little souls being treated worst than a cat treating its newborn kittens.
At least it fed them and protected them from the harm of male cats until they're strong enough before leaving it. Unlike some of these creature disguised as human.
Someone told me this.
Perhaps the reason why God made these people to easily conceived and some continue doing it again and again compared to those people who are really in need of a child and willingly spent thousands of dollars for fertility treatment, was only as a test to see whether they'd continue doing their sinful act or repented after the unwanted circumtances took place.
But most of all it is a show of God's condemnation towards the society itself.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Widening social gap.

Homes becoming too costly for the average Malaysian -

I wonder what is the government effort in trying to combat the obvious social gap between the people who can afford RM500 thousand house(s) to those who can't even fork out 10% of RM150 thousand for a small single storey house.
Thanks to the government, the social gap between these two groups has gone wider and is increasing each year and soon only the affordables can own houses and play their game of buying and selling their properties to gain minimum profit of 10 %. The rich will definitely be richer and poor will be a pauper in 30 years time.

Just couple of days ago I was talking about this issue while meeting a friend. While sharing the same ideas and frustration towards the government non-effort in recognising or closing one eye on the needs of the lower middle class people in this country, it is obvious that they are only too busy selling their tickets for the coming GE.

Honestly, since we are not some pretentious politicians, we don't give a shit about the shit the government is doing but they (the ruling coalition) are mere blood sucker and any smart people would know that the new generation politicians in Malaysia are just here for his/her term for a sweepstakes.
Struggling not for betterment of the people, but struggling to pool as much money as they could possibly make while in control and having their investment everywhere around the world.
I dare bet that most of them would be the first to fled the country should there be some sort of uncontrolled aggressions or political riots going on.

I believe if the current situation is being allowed to grow and taken lightly, without any measures by the government, we'll definitely see a property doomsday, more social ills and more people being dragged down to the 'Ah-long' death hole in their pursuit to stand tall with those affordables.

And this I haven't touch on the education yet.....

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Today is the second day of Ramadhan, the holy month of all Muslims.
Although the feeling didn't kicked in as it used to many many years back, I hope I'd be able to get the feel of it soon. Guess I'm too seasoned and it's in my system for too long already.
Just like the Hari Raya or Eid Fitr celebration. The excitement of it only can be enjoyed while were were young kids. And I remember finding it uninteresting in my late teen years.

Excitement and it sort will eventually slipped away once we reached our mid twenties and will definitely take another turn when we have our own family and commitments. Every one of us have our own way of celebrating and for sure it won't be same as the other although similar.
I do see some people getting really perked up having done 'theme' coloured baju Raya for the whole family to the extend of buying new vehicle for balik kampung (it was made known by a friend who owns a car dealership that Hari Raya means sales will rocketed although I can't grasp the actual need for a car change to commemorate the celebration)

All I know and finding it becoming a customary is the Ramadhan Bazaars set-up in selected areas. It is more of a makan-makan festivities. You can find all type of food and deserts being sold and people queuing up for half an hour for some 'hyped-up' food such as popiah or soup.
Indeed makan-makan a favourite thing to do no matter where the race lived.

My wish to all Muslims is have a good month and hopefully all our good deeds will be blessed.

Monday, 9 August 2010


And it is a lie when someone says that they aren't at all....a bit or a lot, it still spells racist.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Well oh well....

I hate being unfair although I am a tad bit too critical about almost everything revolves around my life.
I don't particularly like being unfair.
I guess it is part of my nature and most probably I am a 'true' know, Librans supposed to be loving peace, flamboyantly natural diplomats whom would seek balances in all that they does adding with having the grace of putting others at ease...ehem *clearing throat*.
And not forgetting being artistically inclined...:)

Okay, lets not divert.
Basically I'm having this hatred about the situation that had been blanketing the country for the past I can't remember when, but I know it was much more safer when I was in my primary years.
It's about the safety of the majority people.

The freedom of walking around the park or jogging alone with nothing to fret about, carrying my handbags walking without the fears of it being snatched, having the ease of bringing kiddos to malls or park without having to constantly eagle-eyed them, living my car park in quieter place without the possibilities of it being missing from the spot and all sort of other things.

Now, I am not championing other countries, but I believe the safety of us and our family should be put as priority.
Having living elsewhere, and experiencing better security level, others like me are happily enjoying the freedom of feeling secured having our cars unlocked, or ladies putting handbags or mobiles on the table while sipping coffee and walking alone with no one ogling or trying to molest or whatsoever.

The difference living in a country where there aren't many of those troublemakers 'foreigners' and living in a country where the government just simply welcome every tom, dick and harry from all nations to become the workforce indeed has it bad side. More than the good ones.

I'm not saying that all foreigners are bad and troublemakers, and the locals are good people, but Malaysian has its fair share of troublemakers from within too. From Chinese gangsters during those 80s and later Indian gangsters in the late 90s because the Chinese converted themselves to becoming millionaire entrepreneurs selling DVDs besides other big time international smuggling stuff, the Indians took over.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not a racist.
I love other races too, in fact my whole young adulthood lives had been revolving around the Chinese. And I feel more at ease with them than my own race.
I am not saying that the Malays are all holy bunch. They do generate some well-known gangsters but most of them are ' gangster kampung' (translate: small time gangster) such as small break-ins and its likes. Latest, not latest actually ; is hell riders; term I use for two people riding a motobike or locally they call it kapchai (translate; cheap scooter), these men, mostly jobless I'd like to think, will do a stunt-show of pulling and grabbing handbags and sometime pushed their victim to death in the fight for the handbags -- which I also think it's silly for the victim to fight because life is more precious than mere Ringgit or valuables in the handbag.

Besides that the Malays ( so far no other races reported yet) are fond rapist, child rapist, sodomisers and the likes.

Okay, lets not divert again, so basically what I m trying to jot down here is my huge feeling of insecurity, a bit of resentment for that new feeling of being scared -- i hate feeling scared. The annoying feeling of insecurity in me while walking, driving home (two category - 1. most daytime; road bullies, because I'm a fighter so I encounter more of them than my sublimed-same-gender, 2. most night time; when reaching home while waiting for the auto-gate to open or close my eyes would be on the rear-view, thus no buggers will slip in and all sort of other things.

My parents place had been 'visited' but limited to the outside for few times alrready although there are police patrolling at night and guards at the housing area entrance.

I told them that I seriously think it is good to own a piece of revolver for our safety living in Malaysia now...ha ha ha!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wasting of time.

Debate over whether child rapists should be hanged.

KUALA LUMPUR: The suggestion that convicted child rapists be sent to the gallows has sparked an active debate as yet another case of sexual abuse of a child emerged yesterday.
There was mixed response from both sides of the political divide on the suggestion, with Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil saying that capital punishment alone was not sufficient deterrent for child rapists.

While she supported the death penalty for child rapists, she said it was more important to focus on the social and moral environment which produced such criminals.

“We need to refine our community values and prepare measures to protect the vulnerable in society, especially children.” Shahrizat said a thorough study was required to ascertain the effectiveness of the death penalty as a deterrent. She said the issue was complicated by the fact that the majority of child rape cases were committed by family members, fathers, uncles and brothers.

“In such cases, victims might discouraged from reporting instances violence, particularly if they know they be responsible for the death of member.” She said the imposition of the penalty might even worsen the situation as a rapist might be more inclined to kill his victim.

Shahrizat said an alternative would be a lengthy jail sentence for child rapists.

Sarawak Women and Family Council chairman Datin Fatimah Abdullah said the death penalty would be a powerful deterrent against “heinous crimes”. But she echoed Shahrizat’s sentiments in saying more should be done to counter the problem.

“The death penalty will not make up for the intense trauma suffered by rape victims,” said Fatimah, who is also minister in the Chief Minister’s Office.

The maximum jail sentence for rape under the Penal Code was extended from 20 to 30 years in 2007.

The call for capital punishment was made by DAP chairman Karpal Singh who called for an amendment to Section 376 of the Penal Code on rape to include the death penalty as the mandatory sentence for child rapists.

Ironically, two of his detractors on the issue were from his own party.

Bukit Mertajam DAP member of parliament Chong Eng said the death penalty would not change the situation as rape was difficult to prove while Beruas DAP MP Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham said the death penalty should be reserved for the most violent crimes.

Chong Eng cited a study by the Penang-based non-governmental organisation, Women’s Centre for Change, which revealed that only four per cent of reported rape cases were successfully prosecuted with the rest dismissed due to lack of evidence.

The Wanita DAP chief said prevention was the key to the issue of child rape, adding that parents and school authorities should discuss matters relating to sex openly with children.

“Many children are unaware of what kinds of behaviour or touching of body parts are inappropriate, leading to many cases being underreported.”

She said there was a need to speed up court processes as lengthy prosecutions discouraged many victims from speaking up about their ordeal.

“These cases should be prioritised as they involve children, who may not be emotionally developed enough to handle long trials,” she said, adding that child victims of rape should be provided counselling.

Ngeh said the death penalty should only be meted out if the rapist was also guilty of committing extreme violence.

The Perak DAP chairman said child rapists should also receive psychiatric treatment to control their psychological and physical urges.

“Uncontrollable sexual urges or sex addiction can be reversed through treatment.” --NST

Death penalty should be reserved for most violent crime?
Wonder what that DAP politician felt when read ing about 9 years old being so raped, sodomised and quelled if that weren't hideous enough for him. Perhaps he'll take another vote if it happens to himself....maybe.
Perhaps he's seeking cheap media thrill and hoping for coverage for his idiotic statement.

The Perak DAP chairman said child rapists should also receive psychiatric treatment to control their psychological and physical urges because according to him 'uncontrollable sexual urges or sex addiction can be reversed through treatment'...

Basically, a leopard will never changed its spot. Why waste time and effort, and taxpayers money for them. Their uncontrollable sexual drive are none of our normal people business if they can't keep their boner in the right place.

Vote to kill them.