Thursday, 12 August 2010

Widening social gap.

Homes becoming too costly for the average Malaysian -

I wonder what is the government effort in trying to combat the obvious social gap between the people who can afford RM500 thousand house(s) to those who can't even fork out 10% of RM150 thousand for a small single storey house.
Thanks to the government, the social gap between these two groups has gone wider and is increasing each year and soon only the affordables can own houses and play their game of buying and selling their properties to gain minimum profit of 10 %. The rich will definitely be richer and poor will be a pauper in 30 years time.

Just couple of days ago I was talking about this issue while meeting a friend. While sharing the same ideas and frustration towards the government non-effort in recognising or closing one eye on the needs of the lower middle class people in this country, it is obvious that they are only too busy selling their tickets for the coming GE.

Honestly, since we are not some pretentious politicians, we don't give a shit about the shit the government is doing but they (the ruling coalition) are mere blood sucker and any smart people would know that the new generation politicians in Malaysia are just here for his/her term for a sweepstakes.
Struggling not for betterment of the people, but struggling to pool as much money as they could possibly make while in control and having their investment everywhere around the world.
I dare bet that most of them would be the first to fled the country should there be some sort of uncontrolled aggressions or political riots going on.

I believe if the current situation is being allowed to grow and taken lightly, without any measures by the government, we'll definitely see a property doomsday, more social ills and more people being dragged down to the 'Ah-long' death hole in their pursuit to stand tall with those affordables.

And this I haven't touch on the education yet.....

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