Friday, 20 August 2010

Work of media.

I'm getting sick of reading the daily dose of young unmarried couple dumping their newly born child in dumpsters, in the river and all. And that what was found and reported. We don't really know the actual statistic.

I saw one picture, and of course this was made as the front page by one local newspaper on one newly-born baby found amongst the rubbish with his face down and the umbilical cord still circling around the neck, with the hair so lush black.
He must be a beautiful baby. And the young father and mother must be put away as a killer.

Honestly, I think the court or authorities must be crazy to let this kind of killer gets away with their actions although Suhakam (one of the local NGOs) spokesperson says that not all of such cases, the parent(s) action could be count as killing!

What if it wasn't then?
Compassion killing because they (the killer parents) has some conscience and pities the uncharted future of the child whom was born out of wedlock?

The media had been playing such news on a daily basis of course, there are good and bad of it.
The bad thing would be the show of very very bad social detriment among the people especially the certain race which I don't wanna keep on blasting, but just love to. Yup, the certain Malays! They must be a very lustful pack who can't control ejaculations. Or perhaps so euphoric the feeling of sex that they don't have enough time to put on the french cap...seeshhh....!
Perhaps they are so dumb to even think about the result of their making. What more about sins because sinful thing is always tempting.

The good thing would be parents are being made aware of the current situations thus must take heed from the news and take action on their end. Precautions such as educating their children on out of wedlock sex and its repercussions. It must be an uneasy situation and are a taboo among most people, but hey, we're developing, our young child are growing -- why wait to let them know. They'd learnt it from the net anyway!

Now, don't' tell me that I'm yea-ing sex out of wedlock. Some of the feedback I got telling me that, that would resulted in the teen being curious and wanting to try. But tell me honestly, would you know that your teens who'd just came out of puberty is on heat? Do you know that they might not go to school instead go to some one's house to 'experiment their love' and like one person told me sometime ago -- eager boiling sex soup?

Admit it.
We can't.
We can't protect them from doing what we don't want them to do and prohibiting them would only enraged their desire and rebellion.

What we need is the media to stop or reduce on the report of all these newly-born dumping news because don't be surprise if that news might on the other hand gave a wrong indication to those prospective baby-killer.
They might think that it's not hard to do. Others do it too.

The media should stop publicising (not reporting) and start educating. Have a special column in the newspaper on teenage sex and its effect both emotionally, physically and religious-wise. Teachers in school can use the column as a reference thus reduce the 'malu' (defi: shy) thing in them since we're Asians.
They can also conduct talk or educational discussions on sex -- not on a mix arrangement but private girls only and boys only. This would enable the teenagers to discuss freely without feeling shy that boys would hear their opinion or questions.

Just like Durex's advert, a small in-put on a daily basis can be very informative.
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