Monday, 16 August 2010

Murder and attempting murder.

Not all is murder, says Gani.
If a baby is simply dumped or abandoned, but safe, then the parent cannot be
prosecuted for murder. In such cases, the parent may be booked under other
sections of the Penal Code, depending on the circumstances."

cabinet, concerned with the number of baby-dumping cases in the country, had
recently asked the police to investigate such cases for murder or attempted

Pity those unwanted little souls being treated worst than a cat treating its newborn kittens.
At least it fed them and protected them from the harm of male cats until they're strong enough before leaving it. Unlike some of these creature disguised as human.
Someone told me this.
Perhaps the reason why God made these people to easily conceived and some continue doing it again and again compared to those people who are really in need of a child and willingly spent thousands of dollars for fertility treatment, was only as a test to see whether they'd continue doing their sinful act or repented after the unwanted circumtances took place.
But most of all it is a show of God's condemnation towards the society itself.
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