Thursday, 5 August 2010

Well oh well....

I hate being unfair although I am a tad bit too critical about almost everything revolves around my life.
I don't particularly like being unfair.
I guess it is part of my nature and most probably I am a 'true' know, Librans supposed to be loving peace, flamboyantly natural diplomats whom would seek balances in all that they does adding with having the grace of putting others at ease...ehem *clearing throat*.
And not forgetting being artistically inclined...:)

Okay, lets not divert.
Basically I'm having this hatred about the situation that had been blanketing the country for the past I can't remember when, but I know it was much more safer when I was in my primary years.
It's about the safety of the majority people.

The freedom of walking around the park or jogging alone with nothing to fret about, carrying my handbags walking without the fears of it being snatched, having the ease of bringing kiddos to malls or park without having to constantly eagle-eyed them, living my car park in quieter place without the possibilities of it being missing from the spot and all sort of other things.

Now, I am not championing other countries, but I believe the safety of us and our family should be put as priority.
Having living elsewhere, and experiencing better security level, others like me are happily enjoying the freedom of feeling secured having our cars unlocked, or ladies putting handbags or mobiles on the table while sipping coffee and walking alone with no one ogling or trying to molest or whatsoever.

The difference living in a country where there aren't many of those troublemakers 'foreigners' and living in a country where the government just simply welcome every tom, dick and harry from all nations to become the workforce indeed has it bad side. More than the good ones.

I'm not saying that all foreigners are bad and troublemakers, and the locals are good people, but Malaysian has its fair share of troublemakers from within too. From Chinese gangsters during those 80s and later Indian gangsters in the late 90s because the Chinese converted themselves to becoming millionaire entrepreneurs selling DVDs besides other big time international smuggling stuff, the Indians took over.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not a racist.
I love other races too, in fact my whole young adulthood lives had been revolving around the Chinese. And I feel more at ease with them than my own race.
I am not saying that the Malays are all holy bunch. They do generate some well-known gangsters but most of them are ' gangster kampung' (translate: small time gangster) such as small break-ins and its likes. Latest, not latest actually ; is hell riders; term I use for two people riding a motobike or locally they call it kapchai (translate; cheap scooter), these men, mostly jobless I'd like to think, will do a stunt-show of pulling and grabbing handbags and sometime pushed their victim to death in the fight for the handbags -- which I also think it's silly for the victim to fight because life is more precious than mere Ringgit or valuables in the handbag.

Besides that the Malays ( so far no other races reported yet) are fond rapist, child rapist, sodomisers and the likes.

Okay, lets not divert again, so basically what I m trying to jot down here is my huge feeling of insecurity, a bit of resentment for that new feeling of being scared -- i hate feeling scared. The annoying feeling of insecurity in me while walking, driving home (two category - 1. most daytime; road bullies, because I'm a fighter so I encounter more of them than my sublimed-same-gender, 2. most night time; when reaching home while waiting for the auto-gate to open or close my eyes would be on the rear-view, thus no buggers will slip in and all sort of other things.

My parents place had been 'visited' but limited to the outside for few times alrready although there are police patrolling at night and guards at the housing area entrance.

I told them that I seriously think it is good to own a piece of revolver for our safety living in Malaysia now...ha ha ha!
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