Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Honestly?...Be realistic please, and start mourning for MH370.

MH370: Families Of Chinese Passengers Happy With Treatment From MAS

CYBERJAYA, March 19 (Bernama) -- Families of passengers of Malaysia Airlines' (MAS) Flight MH370 from China who are being accommodated at the Hotel Cyberview Resort & Spa, here, are satisfied with the services provided by the airline. 
A representative of the families when approached by reporters said, MAS had done its best in looking after their welfare since their arrival to this country last week.
"MAS looks after us well and monitors us on a 24-hour basis. The airline also fulfils all our requirements here. 
"Various facilities are provided for us such as a static clinic and conference room for us to keep tabs on the latest development in the search for the aircraft," said the representative of the families who declined to be identified.
They were still hoping that their family members who had boarded the MAS Flight MH370 would return safely. 
There are about 30 family members of passengers of Flight MH370 from China who were being accommodated at the hotel.
The mission to search for the MAS Flight MH370 carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members entered its 12th day, since the aircraft went missing on March 8.

Honestly?....I'd say just send them home.
No use of waiting in foreign shore when the jetliner supposedly went across the country and somewhere in the Indian Ocean.
Furthermore, these Chinese will definitely play the blaming game every now and then.   

And what is the use of MAS bearing further cost of lodging and feeding them. Not just them, infact. The rest of the Malaysian families staying at the hotel since nearly two weeks ago....what on earth do you wait there for?
I'd definitely ask that if Im a reporter at the press conference. 

Don't you have life?
Don't you have work to do?
If someone dies does it mean we have to mourn and die with them?... 
For how long more?
The government must be realistic. A decision must be done.

Why adding on more red to the already bad financial 2013 report?...
We don't see the Americans or Australian here waiting for answers...which might come or might not at all...

Time to accept reality folks....

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