Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bracing the attacks.

While it must be very difficult for families to accept the lost of loved ones, failure in obtaining any clue or even a piece of debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner MH370-- announcement made by the premier couple that the plane last detected in the Indian Oceans, enraged family members even more.

Putting myself in their shoes, I must say, everyone of us want a closure, although at the end of the whole matter, there are certain things we must let go if there is no answer to it.
To any kind of happenings in our lives, none of us like to be left not knowing of what actually happened.
An answer or a proof will be a closure.
An insight of any tragedy will keep the wondering mind at peace.

Mystery of the disappearance of Boeing 777 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing managed to gather global media to descended on Malaysia and people in general are concern about the fate of the people on the aeroplane, not wanting to know what those people on the ground, those tower controllers during the incident, those officers deprived of sleep and rest are doing in order to get into the bottom of the whole situation -- answering to the families and the public.

I have watched the on-goings for the first five days dedicatedly.
Be it while in the kitchen, in the living room or in the bedroom; the cable TV and internet TV (thank god for technology) where I can get realtime news reporting form my home country has been switched on continuously.
I remember this was the similar situation during 9/11.
I was consumed with Why, Why and more Why's.

However, I must salute the faces we see daily during the press conference.
It is not an easy task being shoot with questions from journalists especially those with politically-laced questions -- they must be pre-prepared for this Im sure.
Among them my salutation goes to the airlines chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya. The obvious anguish and helplessness really shown on his face.
And to asked a person to take responsibility of the tragedy to resign from his post?...That, is a total politicising the issue by reporter.
And mind you, this is not Japan we're talking about, it's Malaysia and we don't subscribe to kamikaze.
Plus, the missing of this jetliner wasn't his fault.
Even if, it was technical, even if it was 'hijacked' like the big boy of global media been trying to sell on their news report -- it is still not that one man's fault.

Not enough of 'terrorism-related' news flash from CNN, the pilot were also given the altar to be the centre of the reason behind the missing plane.
The mistake the pilot did was youtube- ing himself with his simulator which obviously made it easy be be the blamed one and people finding fault in him.
I took pity for the family members having to have people searching the house for evidence and being questions and labeled indirectly by western media as 'terrorist'.
Just because he is a Muslim.

Nonetheless, and as with every tragedy, leads either false or made-up, widespread myth-making write-ups by those 'I-do-not-know-where-they-find-time', spreading their stories over WhatsApps and Facebook and other social media -- this tragedy certainly shows undoubtedly many people never check or read what they share. An obvious oblivion I'd say.

For most, sharing is important in order to get something on their facebook wall.
For the 'developers' of these write-ups, their concern would be seeing the increasing numbers of shares and likes. Nothing more nothing less.

Let's hope the people of Malaysia, the authorities, the government and the family members of the pilot and co pilot will be strong enough to rave through this coming attacks from the Chinese families, from western media and most of all from inside the country where breeds of blamers are waiting to shoot their empty cannon all round.

Because it is easier to blame something for nothing.

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