Thursday, 13 March 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 -- What you don't know.

With so many speculations and mystery surrounding the shocking vanished Malaysia Airlines jetliner MH370, this interesting article might add some input to the yet another unsolvable mystery in the aviation history.

It has come to the sixth day.
Not even a debris has been found.
With twelve countries participating in this recovery effort, some are skeptical that the airplane burst just like that without leaving ant trace.

Boeing 777 commercial jets are one of a top notch aeroplane.

As we all know all aeroplane are equipped with one black box recorders, also known as flight data recorder or cockpit voice recorder, which can withstand any explosion aboard. It records all sounds inside any aircraft, such as explosion, voice, and even noise.

This sturdy black box recorders are robust enough to repel the physical and blazing force of ammos or bombs that 'pingers' of the black box recorder get activated and emit a tone once it is compromised.

All black box recorders are designed to send signals to pinpoint its location for 30 days even after it fell into the ocean.

But in MH370 case, after it sixth day missing, the black box recorder has not been found yet.

It might means that the device could have broken down and failed to work.
Locating the box isn't easy task and the possibility of it being buried in silt or sand might deter function of the box recorder.

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