Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Malaysia and Qatar.

There are two things that is happening now which involves me indirectly.

One -- the mystery surrounding the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370, which managed to get my birth country in the eye of the world for about a week to date, and the other one, the country where Im currently residing, Qatar, which is in a tight situation after being in some sort of minor political conflicts.

The mystery surrounding the missing jetliner will be nearing its two week checkpoint this Friday. To date, there have been loads of 'might-bes' ... Why I call it might bes...it just because the plane now, might be hijacked, that is what the government telling the public now. Which Im pretty sure, that came after receiving lotsa inputs from very intelligent Intelligence, from big policeman of the world, the United States.

Now, giving hundred and one speculations and theories by every Tom, Dick and Harry and Mary and Mary and Jane too; one cant help but to stop a while and evaluate the whole incidents... mind you, reading too much of it, can also cause you to be paranoid and started to dog back all the things you read about the Illuminati and NWO.

Anyway, until some thing are found -- debris or plane cushions whatever, I still consider this missing jetliner as a 'vanished mysteriously'...I shall not, and would not, put down my hand a surrender to the story told by Malaysian government that the plane had diverted that far and can't be found -- when more than 20 countries helping scouring the ocean and sea.  

Two -- the minor (maybe) political conflicts between Qatar and hie fellow brother left, up and right -- Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.
Now, I sensed something fishy was going on when a 52 year-old Qatar Petroleum doctor was arrested at Dubai airport in February 2013 and stories linking him to Muslim Brotherhood emerged.

The Emirati authorities initially refused to give any explanation for the prolonged detention of the director of medical services at Qatar Petroleum, however months after his detention, initially was at a secret place, he was recently charged to seven years in prison for “financially and morally supporting” members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to the court, the doctor gave money to the families of detained members of the Al Islah group, a banned organisation in the UAE affiliated with the Brotherhood.
Al Jaidah, director of medical services at Qatar Petroleum, has denied these charges, but will have no legal avenue to appeal the decision, his supporters have said.

Here is why I found it fishy when hearing the story of this person's detention -- and this is even before the conflict arises.
It was not understood, at least for me -- why a country, arrest another country's citizen and put him in a secret place and placed him in the jail for that length of time -- just because he gave money to a group that your country deemed 'terrorist'.

But -- aren't you (UAE) supposed to be brothers with your Gulf countries?
And, why Qatar didn't or not known publicly making any comments on this issue. Like as if Qatar is allowing UAE to do what they like to it's citizen?

And now, we know why.
There was a conflict.
Wonder no more the silent of the lamb.
Because the lions are roaring high and loud now.

Saudi Arabia, being the bully as it has been...I have few reason of my saying so; has been asking the Saudis working in Qatar to ditch their job and come home. Few have follow the calling and more are expected to do so gradually.

The lion and his other brothers had early of this month, withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar in the name of “security and stability.” -- Im not sure security from who or what, and stability in what sense...

UAE state news agency WAM reports that the unprecedented decision was made by Saudi Arabia, the big brother. It seems that Jordan offered to help with Kuwait becoming the middle person for the table talk. But, they were told off and not to mind this brotherly fight.

If you read the Arab and their culture since 2000 years  ago, there had always been fighting and killing and disagreement. I have even watched the Emir of Dubai giving an impromptu talk and history walk through prior to their National Day couple of years ago. I remember well how he explained nonchalantly how Qatar and Bahrain leader during the discussion of setting up the GCC years ago, including how and where they held the meetings -- which is quite interesting.

Coming back to the impact as a resident here.
I do hope nothing serious will take place.
Why Qatar not looking alongside with the other GCC brothers, I must find out why.
My theory?
Maybe US is pushing some buttons here.
Knowingly there's US base here.
What is the relation of US and Muslim Brotherhood..., that will be written in another entry.

All in all -- I hope this wont be a start of not a good year for the world.
First quarter hasn't come to its end yet....

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