Monday, 24 March 2014

MAS -- The dimmed limelight.

No doubt the missing Flight MH370 managed to get the world focusing on Malaysia, but mind you, I predict it won't be painting any rainbow colours for the next maybe six months as emphasis will be given to any details of flight technical glitches to the smallest bit.

Tapping on the misfortune of the family members of those missing passengers and crew members, media will continue digging for any news they can get to sensationalise the matter.

From one foreign journalist asking the relationship of the Prime Minister with the acting Transport Minister, which if, I were the latter, would not even answered him -- a non-related question in the Press Conference, -- to indirectly trying to blame the pilot and co-pilot in the mishap, international media such as CNN will never stop picking up so-called 'scoop'.

And, if these are not bad enough, people naturally will opt for another flight should there be any, in order to not board Malaysian Airlines.

Technical problems such as the one happened to this Airbus flight to South Korea do occurred in aviation world very now and then. It happens to the most latest jetliner. 
But because a catastrophe happened to be fallen MAS, then, it shall stay with MAS...for quite a while.

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