Monday, 6 May 2013

Anwar Ibrahim cannot accept the truth. GE-13

As expected.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim after the result tallied said he will not accept the Election 2013  accusing the Elections Commission (EC) of rigging the polls to give Barisan Nasional (BN) victory.
The de facto leader who is sad with with his failure yet again, even though he managed to retain his Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat with 37,090 votes polled, said he will not recognise the legitimacy of the result unless the EC provides a satisfactory explanation to his complaints.
He who had been very confident with majority victory in for this election, had raised suspicion of electoral fraud besides lodging complaints against the indelible ink used in Sunday’s polls and accusing security forces helping transport phantom voters of foreign nationalities, Bangladeshi and Indonesian to vote in key constituencies.

There had been videos uploaded and shared in the facebook community about these phantom voters or undi hantu. Those with features similar to Bangladeshi near polling area were questions, some beaten and others being chased away by hardcore PR supporters.

Due to their patriotism and wanting to make sure new government will be form, even locals, tall and with specific features (maybe only PR people got a special booklet on how to detect non-Malaysian) were being questions. That must be the humor part of this GE13.
Even after the EC denying the allegations  of undi hantu, and some BN leaders claimed the accusations were made up to justify PR’s plans to subvert the election outcome through street protests-- BN has once again proves to be the chosen one.

Like it or not.

Alamak, aku kalah lagi!!!!

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