Thursday, 30 May 2013

Internet and Cybercrime Law.

With what's going on back home in Malaysia, I think it is a high time Malaysia take similar action such as Singapore and Qatar in monitoring the existence of some portals that can be post unhealthy writeups and help curb slanderous news among the netizen, especially among the youth who dominates the cyberspace and spend their time  on the www searching for almost anything from music to news what lifestyles is in right now.

Obviously there would be those who will call it the beginning of the death of freedom of Internet writing and expression, but hey, we DO need some kind of regulations. 
We have regulations to follow all our life.
From young to old.
At home. On the road. In our own country and abroad.

Simply put it like this.
Try watch movies, in Malaysia, or those who are familiar with MBC in the Gulf and other Arabic speaking countries, the word F*** or part nudity  even sometimes passionate french kissing scene will definitely get censored--it goes the same for internet freedom.
The reason is simply because some people are responsible and others are not.

The recent move announced by Singaporean authorities to regulate certain Internet news sites has gained criticism and so does the latest new draft on cybercrime if passed, by the Qatari cabinet will definitely not gain support from most netizen.

In Singapore, the Media Development Authority (MDA)will by the 1st of June require sites "that report regularly on issues relating to Singapore and have significant reach" among local readers to apply for individual licenses, which will be subject to annual renewal.
These sites must post a "performance bond" of an estimated US$40,000 and remove any objectionable content within 24 hours of receiving a government order.

The requirements would be in addition to existing protocols for sites in Singapore that binds them to rules banning material deemed objectionable on grounds of morality, security, public interest and social harmony in the multiethnic island nation.
Among the sites with large audience including  Yahoo Singapore and seven news sites operated by  the city-state's largest publisher, which has close relations to the government; and two sites run by state-owned broadcaster MediaCorp.
 Concerns group called the move as "a new attempt to stifle Internet-based media that often are critical of Singapore's government",and the opposition party,  Singapore Democratic Party and National Solidarity Party stated the rules as "regressive" step that would impede the development of the local media industry.

A wealthy SEA country, Singapore which has been dominated by one political party for decades and ranked 153rd globally in terms of press freedom is home to one of the world's most wired-up and technologically savvy populations. About 85% of Singaporean households have access to broadband Internet, an increasingly important resource for news consumption.

Malaysia of course has not reached that wired-up and not even that close to be ranked technologically savvy yet, but the numbers are growing a steady growth, and Im predicting it will be more rapid after this general election as people pro-oppositions or not  are running away from mainstream media.
That's I can't say much because, honestly sometimes when Im back home, I will get sick reading and watching one sided news.
Was a journalist, and had during my tenure been called by editors couple of time when the event  I cover and the news I wrote deemed by those in 'the Office' a little bit 'heavier' to the other side, thus must amend or at least make it neutral-- yup, there ain't freedom of writing.

What Malaysia need is a more  relaxed governance, without being too ME ME ME. The ruling party must learn to give some space to the opposition in the mainstream news in order to gain trust but mainly to show that they are DEMOCRATIC and are willing to spare some 'freedom' for them to voice their whatnots. It will be more healthy than allowing all these opposition portals to start spreading their words and wings.
The reflection of the ruling party fault is seen in the recent GE13 results.

They must take heed of this and should start thinking smartly. Thus why Daim Zainuddin in his latest public statement indicated that Najib's advisors should all be sacked.

The everything about ME ME ME and only ME can give good government would not work for too long.
People are smarter and they have brain to think and a platform to vent thier frustrations whatnots. 

Nontheless, I will start wondering when will Malaysia take similar action in order to curb excessive and very detrimental writings on issues that can initiate provocations on the peace of  multi racial and religion of the country. Portals such as Malaysiakini  or MalaysiaToday which from my observation since the early days of its set up has been very free and sometimes the commentors can get overboards with their comments to the point of insulting the official religion of this country, and the Malay when it comes to Bumiputera privileges.
And I am hoping to see the death cybertroopers of web fanpage organised by some political-inclined  quarters that only spell racism, spreading lies and are good at spinning news.
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