Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nay and Yay...too bad Adam Adli.

This is an example of a waste of students time, having to stay behind bars for such things.
What I can see from this general elections, there had been more and more students getting involved in protest and rally organised by the fallen and lost Pakatan Rakyat -- and what amazes me is, this Anwar Ibrahim, evidently using this crowds supports to show to the world that he got thousands behind him. But thousands of young students who doesn't really know what they even want in life yet? It that fair?

Nope. Don't say this is just what I think. That they're mindless people...-- they are. They looking all smilling, hoo haa-ing, jollying and excited to be with friends and in large group ranting and cursing. We all can see these in Youtube or pictures taken of them.  Majority of those people are college age students. Not belittling their rights as an individual, and their right to voice out 'whatever' dissatisfaction  but DO they really know what they're fighting for? Who they're fighting for exactly?

And now the opposition got another excuse or reason to bring more people to the road to get the government to listen to their wailing....thank you Adli. You really a symbol of stupid naive students who still ask your parents for pocket money!

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