Monday, 6 May 2013

DAP Toy Soldiers.

Okay, here it is.
My two cents.

A coalition was form.
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) which was form my Anwar Ibrahim during 1998 Reformasi, knows that they cannot fight the battle alone for several years. So they call up some gangs.
They asked Parti Islam Se Malaysia (PAS) to join in the bandwagon. After off and on, the spiritual leader, Nik Aziz accepted. 
Then realising that the bigger the better, Anwar called on Democratic Action Party (DAP) Lim Kit Siang and of course the former accepted. It's a doorway to heaven.

So, being founded in 1965 with the help of Devan Nair, the future President of Singapore from a humble beginning and affiliation with Gagasan Rakyat and Barisan Alternatif, in 2008 he accepted the proposal and got married to PR and agree to accept PAS as the 'madu'. 

Now, DAP first contested in 1969 and with another opposition Gerakan hand in hand, they managed to  made the biggest victory for an opposition, which later led to the unforgettable May 13th incident.
After that DAP had never come close to any big winning, only managed to garnered seats at certain  Chinese strong-hold area. That was nearly 40 years ago.

This year. They must have had the same thought he had in 1969.
All thanks to Anwar Ibrahim and the PR supporters. Like it or not, by voting for PR, indirectly they are also giving life to DAP.

Winning all19 seats it contested in Penang in this GE13, this is yet another total clean sweep they achieved in 2008.
The secretary general, Lim Guan Eng said local Penangites had used their "righteous strength to defeat dirty politics" but what we all know is this is the Chinese Tsunami. The one that Najib was afraid of in this GE.
Claiming that BN coalition party had lost despite bribing Penangites with concerts and entertainment, DAP chant for democracy.
But what we need to know is that Chinese supports from Penang didn't just come from DAP supporters, but it came from almost all Chinese there in order to abolish the Malay political domination.
Both MCA and Gerakan incumbent were took to the ground.

In my opinion, which Im sure same goes to all out there, PAS and PKR are only their toy soldiers. They are being used to garnered the 'other' Malay votes.

My reason saying so?

While BN captured 127 out of 222 parliamentary seats to win a majority, PR with their 77 seats are won  mostly by DAP.
Half time tally showed BN -32, PR -1 and DAP- 10 seats.
That shows how strong DAP has become since 1969 -- and all thanks to Anwar Ibrahim and his Malay supporters. 

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