Saturday, 4 May 2013

I dont know where to start.
Too many things and too much of work to looked into.
But I need to post this log to commemorate the most crucial time of my country tomorrow Sunday 5th, the 13th General Election.

This will definitely be the most dreaded one by the ruling coalition party, Barisan Nasional because of the tight fight with another coalition party PakatanRakyat (PR) led by Anwar Ibrahim.

With PR manifesto giving hopes to lowering taxes, free education and cheaper affordable houses, which certainly garnered support from lots of Malays, some say they are thinking hard because by voting PR, they are also indirectly voting DAP, the opposition party consists of mostly Chinese whom along their  hunger for power rush had utter statements such as 'there won't be Islamic country status', 'no to hudud', and few other sensitive statements that left some Muslim to think hard on who to vote.

As for me, Im standing firm behind this flag.

Happy voting 5th May 2013.
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