Sunday, 5 May 2013

Democracy crisis my ass!

Those who call themselves Malaysian has again prove that they were mere bunch of blind idiots whom has been feeding and prosper in Malaysia, yet still cries for international help to the world's mighty sheriff, the US.

My message to these people who doesn't know what sovereignty means is very simple.
If you are not happy living in Malaysia, or if you find that you have been oppressed by the Barisan Nasional government, I suggest you pack your bag and start applying for green cards.

There isn't any need to crying for another people's mother when you don't want to take the sweets your own mother hands you.

This is yet another case of knowing their party Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will definetely lose this time, thus why making this urgent help; which they thought be enable them to take helm of the country.

Like my advice(s) to them, which has been reported and deleted by CNNadmin -- don't waste too much time crying for help because the US is busy cleaning their backyard, a landfill full of international shits.
And let me reiterate --   for you supporters of PR and for those who are crying for help at the CNN iReport platform -- please be rest assured your little squeaky voice ain't gonna be heard by them.

Your cries for help will only be buffered by their machine at the backyard cleaning other people's dump-- especially those from the Arabic country. And they are still mourning over their les than 5 people die in the recent Boston bombings-- if you didnt know about it yet...

And another word of advice; please do not bring heavy luggage because it would only inconvenience you and your family when you line up to get food and a place to overnight at any of the US community centre.

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