Saturday, 29 October 2011


MACC begins probe<br><small>36 files opened on irregularities highlighted by auditor general.
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PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has begun a series of
investigations into irregularities revealed in the Auditor-General’s Report
Less than a week after the report was made public, MACC has opened 36
files, including scores of investigation papers on, among others, elements of
non-compliance and falsification of documents by government agencies.MACC
investigations director Datuk Mustafar Ali said the investigations were
initiated as it believed several areas highlighted by the report warranted

Besides having to hold back  myself from throwing up reading about the almighty up there 'indicating' that Muslim gay couples can get married (previous post)-- this is another dose of story that, to me -- is only suitable for reading while seating on your toilet seat!

The AG report, not knowing what exactly their intentions  -- whether to being honestly transparent or just doing their job accordingly and instructed by the top to report the truth so that the people can never accuse the government not being truthful -- has been, to my  knowledge successful in reporting about overspending and overly paid contracts here and there.

Thing is -- the citizen should be able to see something is being done -- and not just reporting about all these extravagant spending without the involved parties getting reprimand or answerable for their injurious actions.

Thus why, I'd like think that the overspending and whatnots will still being cooked by them and their accomplice and the shitty rotten reports are being fed to people year in and year out.

Go gadget!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Allah condone gay and homosexuality?

Battling for gay rights, in Allah's name.
California activist battles for a more liberal interpretation of her faith.

LOS ANGELES — Like other aspiring reformers before her, Ani Zonneveld takes positions that make her unpopular with her religion's spiritual leaders, in this case America's Islamic elders.

Not only does she lead prayers — a task normally reserved for men — but she is an outspoken advocate for gay, bisexual and transgender Muslims. Later this year, she plans to officiate at the Islamic wedding of a lesbian couple,
which is perfectly acceptable by her reading of the Quran.

“The community we are building is very different from most of the mosques you would walk into,” said Zonneveld, a 49-year-old Malaysian-born singer-songwriter. “We are very inclusive of all Muslims, gay Muslims, mixed-faith couples. … We also don’t segregate (the genders) when we pray, and we allow women to lead prayer. Our values are very egalitarian and we really live those values out.

You see, this lady who is also a relative of mine, had in my opinion took the most dangerous attempt in getting to be known whatnot.
See, I personally was dead shock when reading her post on facebook late tonight.
She, who had been living abroad almost all her life might look at things differently...perhaps the way the 'American' look at things, unlike others. As we all know it.

I read the thread of comments covering the news and not surprise at all reading comments from people who rejoice and support her 'battle'.
I, for one, do not understand what sort of battle she's taking and championing, and also risking, except getting damn by hardcore Islamist, and the 'un-American' brain.

And I have asked on her facebook, where in the Quran that she interpreted that Allah is A-okay with homosexuality? Or could that be just a gimmick to get news coverage?

I reserve my further comments, which, will be longer than the news itself and let you people decide whether the modern Muslim now, knows better the meaning and interpretation of the holy Quran then those elders during time after Muhammad our prophet.

Thus, to all gay and lesbian couples out there, wanna get married and be blessed? Ani would be the pope to do so....


Secretary of State Clinton Supports Probe of Qaddafi’s Death - Businessweek

I watched with much bewilderment of Hillary Clinton's casual statement while laughing when asked to comment on the death of Muaamar Gaddafi.
Even the TV newscaster when asking one of US official to comment her rather inappropriate behaviour --- refused to give any comment and say that matter shouldn't be elaborated.

It's easy when you laugh at one life, being brought to this world -- be it they turn out to be holy or monstrous -- they are human after all. All human and every individual walking on this earth have been written on them of their birth and death, besides on their life overall.

Yes of course we can't blame God for creating a mean person like him and many more,but that's what they chose to be. Im sure their mothers did not want to give birth to someone who'd one day become an icon for genocide such as Hitler for instance.

But laughing at the death of someone even your country's enemy, is seriously inappropriate and a very distasteful action.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Brunei Sultan Urges Council to Set Up Islamic Criminal Law

We have the (Syariah) court building, in its grandeur, intellectuals and
experts are also in abundance, and the country is independent, what more are we
waiting for?”

The Sultan also pointed out that he initially wanted to
see Islamic Criminal Law set up back in 1996, during his 50th birthday
celebrations. He criticized how much time has lapsed after that.

“Fifteen years has since passed, and there are still some that would
say, ‘we are not ready, we are still unable to’ and ‘there is still much to do’
and that our preparations would require another eight or five years and so on,”
stressed His Majesty.

Should Malaysia consider this too, since the goverment claim that the country is an Islamic country?
I saw his speech and thought that he is really serious on implementing the Islamic Criminal law in his country.
I'm not too sure what covers criminal law actually.
Would drinking alcohol be considered criminal or would an unmarried couple found in close proximity, be considered as criminal too. It is against Islamic law no doubt, but would it be considered criminal?

Of course as a person who lack knowledge on Islamic law, I for one cannot comment or elaborate  much on this issue, but only  want to say that I'm sure there is some reason besides being a real Islamic sovereignty behind his urge to implement this law in the Brunei.
But what tickles me was the fact that, if, lets just say the Islamic law was implemented, and obviously those commoners follow the rules and regulations abiding any law stipulated -- what happen to his own royalty, with, so many and known to be having lavish parties and whatnots going on behind the palace's close doors?

Slanderous? Nope I don't think so.
It happens even behind the close doors of Arabs royalties....but who dare to reprimand them?
On witnesses, as required by the law....who would want to be a witness when everyone was to being fed to enjoy the extravagant enjoyment?

The Sultan  also said that once Islamic Criminal Law was established, there won’t be any problems between that court and civil court, but how sure can it be.

Nonetheless, as he said it Allah (SWT) will help those people who have intention implementing His law and I'm sure it will be materialised sooner or later.

Im sure.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Apple again....

It s not an iPhone ; but so what

Urggghh.....maybe she's been paid to say that. ;D
So, what's the big deal?
How many more applications can they developed, just like the iPad -- the second ones was just mere two more add ons.


Friday, 14 October 2011

iPhone 4 Hyper hyped-up

Buyers line up for iPhone 4S sale -

Below is an excerpt of full news....

  • Apple's iPhone 4S goes on sale at 8 a.m. Friday in each time zone
  • Pre-orders have broken an Apple record, with 1 million in first 24 hours
  • Phone features faster processor, better camera, "personal assistant" Siri
  • Friday is first iPhone release since death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs
See, I for one is not a phone person.
Unlike some people whether needing it or simply must have it because it's the 'in' thing or  simply a gadget freak -- their mobile must be changed regularly and it has to be at least the top three selling model or brand....wait, not forgetting showing off too...(mind you I had a personal experience from someone who deliberately took out her iPhone  just to show off the new gadget while asking me to see some picture on it ....hahahaha)

Anyway, my understanding and usage of  a mobile phone was to strictly receive and make calls.
That's it.
No emails viewing or replying, no games playing, or not even browsing social network such as facebook and updating my whereabouts every hour like celebrity.

Anyway, as expected, the news of people lining up to grab the latest phone by Apple is not a news really.
Come can it be one when it is so easily  expected?
Personally, I thought it was merely too much of a hyped up situation made possible by those marketing people at Apple themselves.
Who knows that maybe those idiots who'd sleep over inf front of the store and lining up for hours are those that have been  paid  so to boost sales?.....Who knows....
I remember the last line up was for iPad 1.
I'm not too sure whether people lined up the way it was for iPad 2.

Okay....I was eager too, to grab the iPad  previously, but lining up to get it? Nope.
It's okay to have it late a week or so, nothing to lose....unless there is some fine white line of  showing off, attitude among people.
One of the easy access was  of course by what else if it wasn't for facebook's 'sharing and showing' . Don't you all agree?
Nothing wrong lawfully, just  an attempt at winning some social impact.Who knows....

Think about was like some sort of an arrangement that  items produced by Apple will always be a hot selling cake and people willing to line up for hours for it.

Bet they paid those people to line up this time again....

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

21 deaths from cantaloupe-linked listeria outbreak.

21 deaths from cantaloupe-linked listeria outbreak, CDC reports | BabyCenter

Looks like we really need to watch out what we put in our mouth nowadays....

Most polluted nations.

Emerging nations around the world are often heralded for their fast growth but we don't often hear about the downsides of that rapid development.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report on air quality in countries around the globe, on which we based a list of the ten most polluted countries. Almost all the worst offenders are either major oil and gas producers, or emerging economies that are growing rapidly.....

Now, should I be feeling relief because the state that Im currently residing is not on the list.
I remember one doctor's advice on being too much in the open air here because of the polluted air.
It especially scary to imagine every breath me and my family breathing when the plants burning its gas...They undoubtedly  look exactly like Lord of The Rings fire towers....

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Five percent of Saudi women beat up their husbands

Five percent of Saudi women beat up their husbands

by Arab News

NAJRAN: About five percent of the married Saudi women regularly beat their husbands, according to a study conducted by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Muqbil, a staff member of Al-Qassim University who is also a social and a family consultant.

He told local daily Al-Madinah on Friday that 45 percent of the Saudi children were subjected to various kinds of physical abuse and that 21 percent of them were being regularly beaten.

The academician noted that incidence of family violence was steadily rising and said verbal abuse might be the spark that ignites family violence. “Many people confuse between firmness and violence on numerous occasions. This may result in family breakdown and will not ensure children a proper upbringing,” he cautioned.

Al-Muqbil also said negligence was another face of family violence. He cited a case of a girl who had been staying in a protection home for more than 10 years without anyone asking about her. “This is a clear example of family abuse,” he said.

The academician refuted claims that family violence was hereditary and said it was a kind of temporary punishment. “A female accepting to marry randomly without knowing the man just out of fear of spinsterhood is also a case of family abuse,” he said.

Al-Muqbil believes that the prevailing culture in society is encouraging family violence. “Some wives bear physical abuse by their husband for fear of divorce which is more painful to them than physical abuse and beating,” he said.

He cited lack of proper family planning, unwillingness to settle petty differences, disputes over methods of upbringing and boredom in the house as factors that would ultimately lead to family violence.

“Differences over birth control are also among the causes that may breed family abuse,” he said.

In an earlier report carried by Arab News, the Jeddah police had reported that on average, 145 wives beat their husbands in a month, constituting 20 percent of the annual rates of such incidents.

Wives only go for physical violence when they reach a state of explosion and can no longer control themselves, said Fathiyyah Al-Qurashi, member of the Saudi Human Rights Commission, while responding to the growing number of incidence of husband beating. comment after reading this?
Still trying to visualised these Arabs women doing so. So, I reserved my comments.
Again....dman. Would it be by hand?...or broom, a stick maybe?
Perhaps throwing things....but beating?
It's kinda hard to imagine really.

I mean, lets start from just looking at Arabs men.
Majority of them have a hard, composed, rather stuck-up façade. Most ot them are tall...hardly you'll find those average Asian men height.
So, imagining them being beaten by the wives....that's hilarious.
Would they like, hiding their face with both hands from being slapped or hit, just like what you'll see when you watched some movies about abused women-- now...that will be interesting ain't it. Someone (a maybe and Arab women director) must comes out with a movie about a husband being abused and beaten....with a title 'Crying alone' ...or 'I am a man'. How's that?
I don't think a man wants to manipulate on this issue as it is a torn to their manly ego. Unless he's a gay.

Anyway, let me dwell on it for today, besides trying again to picture the scene of the household villainies with their actions.
On a woman perspective -- personally, I think it is absurd. We do have quarrels and some misunderstanding, but both verbal and physical abuse on women and men alike is a NO-NO. It is a show of disrespectful towards the individuals.
It is against the religion, in this case, these Saudis I would assumed all of them are Muslims.