Monday, 24 October 2011


Secretary of State Clinton Supports Probe of Qaddafi’s Death - Businessweek

I watched with much bewilderment of Hillary Clinton's casual statement while laughing when asked to comment on the death of Muaamar Gaddafi.
Even the TV newscaster when asking one of US official to comment her rather inappropriate behaviour --- refused to give any comment and say that matter shouldn't be elaborated.

It's easy when you laugh at one life, being brought to this world -- be it they turn out to be holy or monstrous -- they are human after all. All human and every individual walking on this earth have been written on them of their birth and death, besides on their life overall.

Yes of course we can't blame God for creating a mean person like him and many more,but that's what they chose to be. Im sure their mothers did not want to give birth to someone who'd one day become an icon for genocide such as Hitler for instance.

But laughing at the death of someone even your country's enemy, is seriously inappropriate and a very distasteful action.
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