Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Five percent of Saudi women beat up their husbands

Five percent of Saudi women beat up their husbands

by Arab News

NAJRAN: About five percent of the married Saudi women regularly beat their husbands, according to a study conducted by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Muqbil, a staff member of Al-Qassim University who is also a social and a family consultant.

He told local daily Al-Madinah on Friday that 45 percent of the Saudi children were subjected to various kinds of physical abuse and that 21 percent of them were being regularly beaten.

The academician noted that incidence of family violence was steadily rising and said verbal abuse might be the spark that ignites family violence. “Many people confuse between firmness and violence on numerous occasions. This may result in family breakdown and will not ensure children a proper upbringing,” he cautioned.

Al-Muqbil also said negligence was another face of family violence. He cited a case of a girl who had been staying in a protection home for more than 10 years without anyone asking about her. “This is a clear example of family abuse,” he said.

The academician refuted claims that family violence was hereditary and said it was a kind of temporary punishment. “A female accepting to marry randomly without knowing the man just out of fear of spinsterhood is also a case of family abuse,” he said.

Al-Muqbil believes that the prevailing culture in society is encouraging family violence. “Some wives bear physical abuse by their husband for fear of divorce which is more painful to them than physical abuse and beating,” he said.

He cited lack of proper family planning, unwillingness to settle petty differences, disputes over methods of upbringing and boredom in the house as factors that would ultimately lead to family violence.

“Differences over birth control are also among the causes that may breed family abuse,” he said.

In an earlier report carried by Arab News, the Jeddah police had reported that on average, 145 wives beat their husbands in a month, constituting 20 percent of the annual rates of such incidents.

Wives only go for physical violence when they reach a state of explosion and can no longer control themselves, said Fathiyyah Al-Qurashi, member of the Saudi Human Rights Commission, while responding to the growing number of incidence of husband beating.

Hmmmmm....my comment after reading this?
Still trying to visualised these Arabs women doing so. So, I reserved my comments.
Again....dman. Would it be by hand?...or broom, a stick maybe?
Perhaps throwing things....but beating?
It's kinda hard to imagine really.

I mean, lets start from just looking at Arabs men.
Majority of them have a hard, composed, rather stuck-up façade. Most ot them are tall...hardly you'll find those average Asian men height.
So, imagining them being beaten by the wives....that's hilarious.
Would they like, hiding their face with both hands from being slapped or hit, just like what you'll see when you watched some movies about abused women-- now...that will be interesting ain't it. Someone (a maybe and Arab women director) must comes out with a movie about a husband being abused and beaten....with a title 'Crying alone' ...or 'I am a man'. How's that?
I don't think a man wants to manipulate on this issue as it is a torn to their manly ego. Unless he's a gay.

Anyway, let me dwell on it for today, besides trying again to picture the scene of the household villainies with their actions.
On a woman perspective -- personally, I think it is absurd. We do have quarrels and some misunderstanding, but both verbal and physical abuse on women and men alike is a NO-NO. It is a show of disrespectful towards the individuals.
It is against the religion, in this case, these Saudis I would assumed all of them are Muslims.

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