Monday, 24 October 2011

Allah condone gay and homosexuality?

Battling for gay rights, in Allah's name.
California activist battles for a more liberal interpretation of her faith.

LOS ANGELES — Like other aspiring reformers before her, Ani Zonneveld takes positions that make her unpopular with her religion's spiritual leaders, in this case America's Islamic elders.

Not only does she lead prayers — a task normally reserved for men — but she is an outspoken advocate for gay, bisexual and transgender Muslims. Later this year, she plans to officiate at the Islamic wedding of a lesbian couple,
which is perfectly acceptable by her reading of the Quran.

“The community we are building is very different from most of the mosques you would walk into,” said Zonneveld, a 49-year-old Malaysian-born singer-songwriter. “We are very inclusive of all Muslims, gay Muslims, mixed-faith couples. … We also don’t segregate (the genders) when we pray, and we allow women to lead prayer. Our values are very egalitarian and we really live those values out.

You see, this lady who is also a relative of mine, had in my opinion took the most dangerous attempt in getting to be known whatnot.
See, I personally was dead shock when reading her post on facebook late tonight.
She, who had been living abroad almost all her life might look at things differently...perhaps the way the 'American' look at things, unlike others. As we all know it.

I read the thread of comments covering the news and not surprise at all reading comments from people who rejoice and support her 'battle'.
I, for one, do not understand what sort of battle she's taking and championing, and also risking, except getting damn by hardcore Islamist, and the 'un-American' brain.

And I have asked on her facebook, where in the Quran that she interpreted that Allah is A-okay with homosexuality? Or could that be just a gimmick to get news coverage?

I reserve my further comments, which, will be longer than the news itself and let you people decide whether the modern Muslim now, knows better the meaning and interpretation of the holy Quran then those elders during time after Muhammad our prophet.

Thus, to all gay and lesbian couples out there, wanna get married and be blessed? Ani would be the pope to do so....

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