Friday, 14 October 2011

iPhone 4 Hyper hyped-up

Buyers line up for iPhone 4S sale -

Below is an excerpt of full news....

  • Apple's iPhone 4S goes on sale at 8 a.m. Friday in each time zone
  • Pre-orders have broken an Apple record, with 1 million in first 24 hours
  • Phone features faster processor, better camera, "personal assistant" Siri
  • Friday is first iPhone release since death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs
See, I for one is not a phone person.
Unlike some people whether needing it or simply must have it because it's the 'in' thing or  simply a gadget freak -- their mobile must be changed regularly and it has to be at least the top three selling model or brand....wait, not forgetting showing off too...(mind you I had a personal experience from someone who deliberately took out her iPhone  just to show off the new gadget while asking me to see some picture on it ....hahahaha)

Anyway, my understanding and usage of  a mobile phone was to strictly receive and make calls.
That's it.
No emails viewing or replying, no games playing, or not even browsing social network such as facebook and updating my whereabouts every hour like celebrity.

Anyway, as expected, the news of people lining up to grab the latest phone by Apple is not a news really.
Come can it be one when it is so easily  expected?
Personally, I thought it was merely too much of a hyped up situation made possible by those marketing people at Apple themselves.
Who knows that maybe those idiots who'd sleep over inf front of the store and lining up for hours are those that have been  paid  so to boost sales?.....Who knows....
I remember the last line up was for iPad 1.
I'm not too sure whether people lined up the way it was for iPad 2.

Okay....I was eager too, to grab the iPad  previously, but lining up to get it? Nope.
It's okay to have it late a week or so, nothing to lose....unless there is some fine white line of  showing off, attitude among people.
One of the easy access was  of course by what else if it wasn't for facebook's 'sharing and showing' . Don't you all agree?
Nothing wrong lawfully, just  an attempt at winning some social impact.Who knows....

Think about was like some sort of an arrangement that  items produced by Apple will always be a hot selling cake and people willing to line up for hours for it.

Bet they paid those people to line up this time again....
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