Monday, 17 October 2011

Brunei Sultan Urges Council to Set Up Islamic Criminal Law

We have the (Syariah) court building, in its grandeur, intellectuals and
experts are also in abundance, and the country is independent, what more are we
waiting for?”

The Sultan also pointed out that he initially wanted to
see Islamic Criminal Law set up back in 1996, during his 50th birthday
celebrations. He criticized how much time has lapsed after that.

“Fifteen years has since passed, and there are still some that would
say, ‘we are not ready, we are still unable to’ and ‘there is still much to do’
and that our preparations would require another eight or five years and so on,”
stressed His Majesty.

Should Malaysia consider this too, since the goverment claim that the country is an Islamic country?
I saw his speech and thought that he is really serious on implementing the Islamic Criminal law in his country.
I'm not too sure what covers criminal law actually.
Would drinking alcohol be considered criminal or would an unmarried couple found in close proximity, be considered as criminal too. It is against Islamic law no doubt, but would it be considered criminal?

Of course as a person who lack knowledge on Islamic law, I for one cannot comment or elaborate  much on this issue, but only  want to say that I'm sure there is some reason besides being a real Islamic sovereignty behind his urge to implement this law in the Brunei.
But what tickles me was the fact that, if, lets just say the Islamic law was implemented, and obviously those commoners follow the rules and regulations abiding any law stipulated -- what happen to his own royalty, with, so many and known to be having lavish parties and whatnots going on behind the palace's close doors?

Slanderous? Nope I don't think so.
It happens even behind the close doors of Arabs royalties....but who dare to reprimand them?
On witnesses, as required by the law....who would want to be a witness when everyone was to being fed to enjoy the extravagant enjoyment?

The Sultan  also said that once Islamic Criminal Law was established, there won’t be any problems between that court and civil court, but how sure can it be.

Nonetheless, as he said it Allah (SWT) will help those people who have intention implementing His law and I'm sure it will be materialised sooner or later.

Im sure.

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