Saturday, 29 October 2011


MACC begins probe<br><small>36 files opened on irregularities highlighted by auditor general.
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PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has begun a series of
investigations into irregularities revealed in the Auditor-General’s Report
Less than a week after the report was made public, MACC has opened 36
files, including scores of investigation papers on, among others, elements of
non-compliance and falsification of documents by government agencies.MACC
investigations director Datuk Mustafar Ali said the investigations were
initiated as it believed several areas highlighted by the report warranted

Besides having to hold back  myself from throwing up reading about the almighty up there 'indicating' that Muslim gay couples can get married (previous post)-- this is another dose of story that, to me -- is only suitable for reading while seating on your toilet seat!

The AG report, not knowing what exactly their intentions  -- whether to being honestly transparent or just doing their job accordingly and instructed by the top to report the truth so that the people can never accuse the government not being truthful -- has been, to my  knowledge successful in reporting about overspending and overly paid contracts here and there.

Thing is -- the citizen should be able to see something is being done -- and not just reporting about all these extravagant spending without the involved parties getting reprimand or answerable for their injurious actions.

Thus why, I'd like think that the overspending and whatnots will still being cooked by them and their accomplice and the shitty rotten reports are being fed to people year in and year out.

Go gadget!
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