Friday, 29 August 2008

Snippets - Che Det

Snippets - Che Det

Blocking Blogs

1. When a Government makes a promise to the country and then reneges on its promise, then not only will the Government lose credibility but also any respect that the public may have for it.

2. I do not often agree with and Raja Petra Kamaruddin. He had been sometimes quite irresponsible. But court action had already been taken against him. He is not above the law and if he is found guilty there are already adequate punishment that can be passed against.

3. But to break a promise and to openly show that you can meddle with the security of the internet is to expose a degree of oppressive arrogance worthy of a totalitarian state.

4. I had once before written to a Government Minister that Malaysia has become a police state because the Government instructed the police to call up people who invited me to give talks and coerce them into withdrawing their invitation. The police is not supposed to do that. When the Government makes use of the police for extralegal work then the Government is guilty of abuse of power.

5. The Minister simply replied that I had retired and it was better for me to literally shut up

.6. Now this blockage of the blog is another evidence that this has become an authoritarian state, elections notwithstanding.

7. Where are we heading? The censorship of news in the mainstream media is known to the public. Certainly I know of the blackout on me and the spins on any news about me. Now this.

8. I know that things have been engineered to ensure Khairy Jamaluddin will win as UMNO Youth leader and Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi as President. Democracy in UMNO is dead. And when democracy dies in UMNO, the party itself will die.

9. I would like to say this to the Prime Minister and his minions. You may have the power now. But as in five States, you may lose power some day. And this will certainly happen because of your obsession to block all contrary opinion from being heard. It will blind you to the reality of the situation so that you will continue to do wrong things and the people will reject you totally.


MCMC 'exercising its power' to tell ISPs to block RPK's site
Friday, 29 August 2008

Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, the Home Minister said that the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission was ‘exercising its power’ after directing the 19 ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to block Raja Petra Kamarudin’s website, Malaysia Today.

He said “Everyone is subject to the law, even websites and blogs. We do not intend to curtail people’s freedom or right to express themselves. But when they publish things that are libellous, slanderous or defamatory, it is natural for SKMM to act,” Raja Petra said that the action had contradicted the 10 Point of Guarantees under the MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) charter which states that there would be ‘No Internet Cencorship’.

Ahirudin Attan, the interim President of the National Alliance of Bloggers said "The promise was made not only to Malaysians but to the world that there will be no censorship of the Internet in the country. Google is planning to build a multibillion-ringgit datacentre here.
"If this is the way the Commission behaves, it is as good as telling Google to please go away." While V Gayathry, the executive director of The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) said "The Commission and the Government should acknowledge that the problem at hand is the failure of the mainstream media to fulfil its duties in reporting information adequately, truthfully and fairly.
"Even Datuk Ong Tee Keat, the vice-president of MCA voiced a similar sentiment where he wrote in his blog, “Under the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Bill of Guarantees, the government promised there would be no censorship of the Internet. I do not understand why the SKMM is resorting to this. We should let the courts decide his fate. In fact, it is foolish to think that online censorship works effectively. There are still many other ways for surfers to access the portal.”


To me this is purely act of cowardice by the government.
I am sure he is given the instruction to do so in order to save someone's ass.
They might think that by blocking websites will help reduces the people's alternative form of information but they do not understand that this act might backfire them locally and internationally.

I know the Arabs countries such as Qatar block pornographic websites but that moves is acceptable. Blocking a source of information by labelling it as slanderous and defamatory are the act of shallow minded people, coward and are of low esteem.
Perhaps they are scared of their own shadow?
Or maybe they thought it will make it easy for them to twist and turn their statements sans an alternative news portal slammerring their words.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Permatang Pauh by-election

Permatang Pauh Results Show Healthy Democratic Practice, Says Najib.

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 26 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Barisan Nasional (BN) respects the decision of the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election Tuesday which reflects that democracy is still alive in the country.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the victory of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the by-election proved that there was no manipulation in terms of democratic practice in the country.
"The democratic practice in this country is not flawed," he told reporters at a press conference, here Tuesday night.The PKR advisor won with a majority of 15,671 votes in the parliamentary by-election.Anwar obtained 31,195 votes while Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah received 15,524 votes and the Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (AKIM) candidate, Hanafi Mamat, had only 92 votes.


Yet another hilarious statement by the DPM.
Good God.
Why can't he just admit it that people are voting that Pak Lah out.
That people are sick of the current government corruption and scandals.
People are just sick thus they decided to give their votes to the Salman Rushdie's look a like. Fin.

Malaysia's Anwar heads for parliament after election victory

PERMATANG PAUH, Malaysia, Aug 26, 2008 (AFP) - Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim won a "landslide" victory Tuesday in a by-election to return him to parliament, and said he was on track to oust a weakened government.

The vote in his home state of Penang cemented a stunning comeback for Anwar, who was sacked as deputy premier a decade ago and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges widely seen as politically motivated.
"We declare victory, the margin is very huge," said Tian Chua, information chief of Anwar's Keadilan party which leads a three-member opposition alliance.
"I think it's a landslide victory," he said, adding that Anwar's share of the vote could rise as high as 70 percent.

The official tally showed Anwar had won 27,977 votes, against 13,426 for his opponent from the Barisan Nasional coalition, which has dominated Malaysian politics for half a century.
"Yes of course we have lost... we were the underdogs going into this race," said Muhammad Muhammad Taib, information chief of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) which leads the coalition.
Anwar said he had outgunned the government despite a "sickening" campaign that focused on new sodomy allegations against him, and was marred by allegations of vote-buying and electoral fraud.

The opposition has also accused the coalition of attempting to undermine Anwar by stoking tensions between Muslim Malays who dominate the population, and minority ethnic Chinese and Indian citizens.
"This is a clear indication that people of all races have rejected the communal politics of Barisan Nasional. It is a clear endorsement of our reform agenda. We are on track to take over the government," Anwar told AFP.
Anwar had been widely expected to win back his old seat of Permatang Pauh, which was held by his wife during his political exile. She stood aside last month to allow him to contest, after a ban on holding public office expired.

However, political pundits had said the coalition's no-holds-barred campaign could have impacted on Anwar's winning margin, which will be seen as an indicator of his ability to shrug off the sodomy charges.
"I thank the voters, the wisdom of the people has prevailed. The win shows the people reject the sodomy allegations thrown at my husband," Anwar's wife Wan Azizah said.
Analysts said that even after he returns to parliament, the charismatic 61-year-old faces further daunting hurdles including a looming trial on the new sexual misconduct charges.
The opposition leader has said that the accusations, levelled by a 23-year-old male aide, have been concocted by the government to thwart his ambitions of seizing power with the help of defecting lawmakers.

His original sodomy conviction was overturned by the nation's highest court in 2004, allowing him to go free after spending six years in jail.
He then spent several years behind the scenes, before storming back onto the political stage at the helm of a reinvigorated opposition.
In March general elections the opposition alliance seized control of five states and a third of parliamentary seats, in an unprecedented result that shook the coalition and put Anwar within striking distance of seizing power.
He needs to secure the support of at least 30 defectors in order to oust the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who has faced calls to quit after the general elections debacle.

The ballot in Permatang Pauh was held under tight security, after both sides traded allegations of abuse and attacks on their supporters. Some 4,500 police were deployed to keep the peace.
Despite the focus on the sodomy allegations, Anwar's star power was undimmed, and he drew big crowds to nightly rallies during the intense 10-day campaign.


I thought this would happened.

If anybody needed to be blame on this person's landslide victory; it is absolutely the corrupted Prime Minister and his useless dumb generals.

He has to step down pronto.

He is the idiot that thought he can gain support from this zionist supported monkey, releasing him from his cell. This is like letting out not a good genie from a bottle. It is more than letting out a damn big devil from his chained legs.



Saturday, 23 August 2008

Malaysia Today: Your source of independent news - Najib: Muslim by birth, Hindu by practice

Najib: Muslim by birth, Hindu by practice

I came across this and find it quite amusing.

Nevertheless, personally, i would not question the truth about this 'bomoh' or medium thing among politicians in Malaysia.

It has been going on i dont know since when.

And on the DPM's wife's involvement in the bomoh thing;- i know a person who are related to another person whom had personal experience long long time ago on her bomoh ensure the hubby got to the position that she dreamt of. Damn.

This actually brought my mind years ago to watching this Nat Geo (or perhaps Discovery) documentary on how Cuban higher officials( must be instructed by his leader Castro) drew a strike on one samll dummy's eyes (similiar to those voodoo dolls) and mouth.

The doll supposedly to represent the then President Bush (the older Bush).

According to the mediums, by doing so and placing the dolls on an altar in a small prayers room, the President would be tight lipped on giving any comments whatever on the Cuban government affairs or something like that.

The documentary which was focusing on this sort of rituals and mystics believers also mentioned that the top mediums or charm believers are the African. The Asian particularly SEA came second.

This made me recall a friend's story on one rituals conducted in one of the Indonesian islands.

It was said that there would be one particular night where all the bomohs etc would conduct a ' challenging night' and everyone would be hiding in their houses early to avoid 'accidental mishaps'. This challenging night is when these so called bomohs will test their rituals and power by "releasing" their hantus whatever and start attacking each another.

Some sort like aero-space fight, i guess......i wonder......

Monday, 18 August 2008

Anwar Seeks Help From Former Indonesian, Filipino Leaders

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 18 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has sought the support of former Indonesian and Filipino leaders in contesting the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in a by-election on Aug 26.

Former Indonesian president Abddurrahman Wahid who is also Nahdlatul Ulama leader had expressed his support for Anwar soon after arrival at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) office in Petaling Jaya Monday, said Universiti Sains Malaysia Social Science Studies Centre lecturer, Dr Sivamurugan Pandian.

He said this reflected as if Anwar, who is PKR advisor, was under increasing pressure and not confident of victory, so he had to seek help from his friends from neighbouring countries.

Sivamurugan said Anwar had also cultivated friendship with some American leaders since 1997 when he was in the government.

Abddurrahman or Gus Dur had expressed his dismay over the sacking of Anwar as deputy prime minister by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1998, said Sivamurugan.

"The question is whether the voters can differentiate whether it is personal support or regard it as foreign interference. This is not a wise move as it is only a by-election.

"The Americans had meddled in Anwar's sodomy charge and this affected the country's political situation. The voters must think whether we should have a leader who is attracting foreign sympathy," said Sivamurugan.

He said canvassing for support from overseas for a by-election could be detrimental to the country's political stability and create uncertainties.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Historical, Political and Strategic Studies Centre lecturer, Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Nidzammuddin Sulaiman said Gus Dur and former Filipino president Joseph Estrada's support would not have any bearing on the voters' decision as their influence in their countries had plummeted.

"While Estrada had served time in jail, Gus Dur was toppled. They knew Anwar when he was in power. They should not interfere in the by-election," said Ahmad Nidzammuddin.

Historian Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim said Anwar was trying to portray that he had maintained friendship with several world leaders on a personal basis.

"It will not have any repercussion on the country as the friendship is personal in nature.

"Whoever he wants to make friends with, it is up to him. What is important is for the voters to determine what is good for the country and themselves.

"They must know whether they are choosing an honest and sincere candidate or one with a personal agenda.

"Foreigners do not know what the local people want. Only the voters know best what they want," said Khoo.



I wonder why do he need all this people's backing if he thought he is very strong already. And why have alien to meddle in this country's political endeavour?

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Remember Me

Ever since my last visit back home early this year, i cant help but notice the amount of advertisement in one local free tv station, TV3.
Not that the advertisement had increased in figures compared to whenever, but the amount of cheap advertisement selling beauty and health product had been flooding the intervals between shows.
I also took notice that most of the products are 'produced' by Bumiputra entrepreneurs.

Mind you, i am happy to know that there are loads of Bumiputra women entrepreneurs mushrooming in the market in this beauty sector due to the demands from modern women. But the thing that gave me that sickly thing was almost 90% of the products will not fail to portray the founder's photos in all-beauty manner and made-up to perfection.

Now, the most interesting thing would be the man. Previously you could only see women's faces but the men had join in the bandwagon into these type of marketing.
One might just notice this chap that produces sea-cucumber medicinal products called gamat. His face will be printed on the bottle, and all packaging.
This time around, one can see a couple of men doing the similar strategy.

From what i can recall, and i might be wrong; this photo printed beauty products and packaging was first started by this one lady from the Philippine. She is known by Dr Leogardo something. One would remember her easily by her heavily lifted face and excessive bee-stung lips.

Anyway, this way of marketing their products and by showing how beautiful they are although their look are much more fake than Madame Tussauds mannequin- i cant blame them. One will start to do it and the rest follow suit. Perhaps it is the cheapest and easiest way in being glamour and remembered. In a way, one client might not remember the product's name but remember the face printed on the leaflet or packaging.

To my amazement some of these products were sold at a very reduced price but i don't really know the effect of it because i knew no one that uses these tv marketed products except for the gamat gel that works wonders when you're accidentally burnt yourself with hot oil while cooking. My mom can attest to it too.

I do hope that this trend would soon diminished and replaced with one that is more encouraging and attract confidence for the public to buy and test their products. Especially the man. I don't think by printing your not-that-handsome face on the bottle would add weight to your products.

To me it spells lack of good advertising, not so good products with loads of chemicals and peeling agents to produced smooth reddish skins and just cannot buy my trust..... i personally would not even want to be tested with any of these products no matter how cheap they can be.


Courtesy is very important in our everyday life.
Without courtesy one will be regarded as coming from a not well educated background or perhaps from an unpolished parents.
At least I would without being prejudice and non judgemental. It is a fact.
It is experienced by myself and most people that i know.

Being courteous is quite vital.
Take the most popular example point of being courteous; holding the door when someone is about to come in following our back our back or someone is at the same time about to go out when we're about to enter a place.
Being in this mix racial country, i must singularise certain race group and certain cultured and uneducated lot.

I realised the Chinese are the least group of people that would posses the courtesy of holding the door opened if such incident occured. Younger people and worst, the older generation would just leave the door slammed onto your face even when they took notice of you struggling to come in thru the door especially holding a toddler's hand and something else on the other hand.

The Malays would come second and the Indians would be third.
My theory on this would be;

The Chinese are everywhere in town. Their son,and their father to the father and grandmother to the mother are everymwere. Thus we would always bumped on them especially at malls, bourses house where old retired small time shareholder spent their time or at the banks to bank in money to their fix deposits.

The Malays are not that many in specific public places but i've had an experience in a mall while pushing my 8 mths old stroller. While waiting for the lift door to open to go down to basement one all of a sudden came this middle-aged man somewhere in his 30s cuddling a 5 yr old boy from nowhere and strolled selfishly pushing my stroller's front wheel followed by one old woman and two young women.

I was all fumed up and they didn't even help to put hold to the lift door. I thought these bunch of morons must be coming from some deep ulu kampung here for a visit to the son's house. Without hesitation i stared at them and because the lift just brought us down to one level below, i could only voiced my dissatisfaction towards them in a cynical statement. The man walked off fast but the older woman stared at me with annoyance. I understand that she might be dumb to understand why i am being irritated, but heck, courtesy is something that came from within, the feeling of empathy must be in one.
In my opinion, these unethical people should be thought a lesson and not just letting them go off scott-free.

However i cant comment much on the Indians because i think it was due to fewer of them in town centre where i am situated.
It might also be that it's just my luck to be bumped into these type of people.....

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Singlet and bra strap

Maybe im old.
Maybe it wasn't during my time but it gave me some sort of yukky feelings seeing all these SYT and not so SYT wearing singlet with their cheerful and sometimes loud bra strap intentionally exposed for viewing.

Not that im that old (wink* wink*) because i do sometime see much much older women wearing something similar to that.
Perhaps im a little bit of a conservative person in thinking and thought that people around my age circle (age again.....) should be wearing an elegant and respectful outfit, formal and informal.

Okay, coming back to the singlet and exposed bra strap, i wonder wether these SYT and not so SYT thought that they must don something like that in order to be a fasionista. And perhaps they thought wearing bra doesn't mean you must hide it anymore?!...i dunno.

I do know that less be shown is always better than show all......

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Synagogue of Satan

Synagogue of Satan

Im in the midst of reading this book and it really helps me to understand further this lot of people and their manipulations into getting to where they are right now.

I remember i was told by an Arab friend that these people (in Isreal) actually plant one type of tree believed to of help for them when the time came ie prior to the D-day, if im not mistaken during one Imam appearence on earth to help the halpless Muslims of the world.

I should double check on that subject soon ...


I personally don't have anything against some people's interest in leaving in comments in hugely browsed blog such as Dr M's
However, i find it very childish of these individuals in leaving unnecessary remarks such as "i'm the first (although they're not; and just because they didn't see any comments being logged by the administrator), or, i'm second, i'm third and some with even ridiculous remarks such as "hai".

Isn't it dumb dumb?

Adding on to it, there are also comments such as "i agree with you", "yes' you are right", bla bla bla....

Majority will be parrotting, and hardly will questions.
I applaud those who can gave their views from a different angle and made open minds of readers rather than being bogged down with list of "parroters".

My advice is , if you dont know what the blogger is trying to channel out of his brain; quit giving juvenile remarks and better, go to another entertainment blog to fulfill your lust for reading blogs, duhhhh......

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Question: What is Inflation?

Answer: To understand inflation, we first must understand what the word means. The Economics Glossary defines Inflation as:

Inflation is an increase in the price of a basket of goods and services that is representative of the economy as a whole.

A similar definition of inflation can be found in Economics by Parkin and Bade:
Inflation is an upward movement in the average level of prices. Its opposite is deflation, a downward movement in the average level of prices. The boundary between inflation and deflation is price stability.

Because inflation is a rise in the general level of prices, it is intrinsically linked to money, as captured by the often heard refrain "Inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods". To understand how this works, imagine a world that only has two commodities: Oranges picked from orange trees, and paper money printed by the government.

In a year where there is a drought and oranges are scarce, we'd expect to see the price of oranges rise, as there will be quite a few dollars chasing very few oranges. Conversely, if there's a record crop or oranges, we'd expect to see the price of oranges fall, as orange sellers will need to reduce their prices in order to clear their inventory. These scenarios are inflation and deflation, respectively, though in the real world inflation and deflation are changes in the average price of all goods and services, not just one.

We can also have inflation and deflation by changing the amount of money in the system. If the government decides to print a lot of money, then dollars will become plentiful relative to oranges, just as in our drought situation. Thus inflation is caused by the amount of dollars rising relative to the amount of oranges (goods and services), and deflation is caused by the amount of dollars falling relative to the amount of oranges. Thus, as shown by the article "Why Does Money Have Value?", inflation is caused by a combination of four factors:

The supply of money goes up.
The supply of other goods goes down.
Demand for money goes down.
Demand for other goods goes up.
Now that you know what inflation is, you may want to visit some of the other inflation resources offered at
Inflation and Deflation Resources

What is deflation and how can it be prevented? (Looks at the converse of inflation, which is deflation).

Cost-Push Inflation vs. Demand-Pull Inflation (Examines two different types of inflation)

Why Does Money Have Value? (Explains the relationship between money and goods that leads to inflation and deflation)

Why Not Just Print More Money? (Explains why high levels of inflation do not make us wealthy)

What is the Demand for Money? (In depth look at factor 3 on our list).

Why Don't Prices Decline During A Recession? (Explains why we generally do not have deflation during recessions)

Calculating and Understanding Real Interest Rates (Article explains the link between interest rates and inflation)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Gone Are The Days

Gone are those days where i've got to wake up early to catch the school bus.
Gone are the days when i had to stand in an assembly every Monday morning.
Gone are those days that i dreaded; the two important exams.
Gone are the days where i enjoyed the canteen Makcik nasi lemak sambal cair and her keropok.

I must admit that i hated my schooling days so much so i sympathised with those school going kids. Not like i would discourage my offspring to think like me but it's just my personal feeling towards school.
The worst was during the early primary years.
I was very timid, shy and skinny girl.
I still remember damn well, how i didn't wanna stepped down from the school bus when it reaches the school compound. The pakcik driver got to go for the second and final round thus he let me sit in.
Finally, when it reached the school for the final drop-off, i saw my father jumped at the bus door.
He didn't get a day off (unlike many children enjoy nowadays), so he rushed during his lunch break to see me at school. I came down heavy heartedly.

You know, during those late 70's, going to pre-school is a luxury.
With seven siblings and single breadwinner to feed the family, im not granted those luxury in life. Thus making school a very alien place for me.

I remember within few weeks after school started, i found a friend.
Because of my personality, i stick to her and she sticks to me and we became good friends. However, it ended in Primary 2 when her dad got to be transfered to another state due to work.
From then on until now, i didn't make any good friends. Just friends.

Despite being what i am at that time, i was also a bit of a bully.
I remember we got this girl in our classroom(she is skinnier than me) and she'd be my 'assistant' to buy air batu or keropok at the canteen during recess time. And there are times that i made her tie my shoe lace too... it is bad, but it never failed me laugh and after 20 years, in fact i can still recall how she looks like.

Being brought up and schooling in Petaling Jaya where majority of my peers are of different race and mostly came from well to do background, i was however being cornered with emotional disposition particularly low self-esteem most of the time.

I must say that primary school and teachers are the start of one person's cultivation in life.
It has direct and indirectly impact to one's outlook at life; at least for the first half of the 12 years. It thought me the meaning racial competitions at a very tender age, striving for betterment between the better, besides keeping up with my social surrounding.

Most of the time until i finished my secondary, i always have this 'quiet battle' within myself.
It made me a very moody person while in secondary, like to be alone and only feel comfortable within small circle of friends.
I must say that although in all girl's school, a lot of people wanted to be my friends. One of the reason might be my a bit of 'comel' look, and i was a bit of the soft spoken type, ladylike, they'd call it (then....).
Nevertheless, I always questions myself on why things are like this or like that.

Why cant it be like this or that. Its always why, why and why....i never found the answer until when i am in my mid 20s.

But those incidences in school are the base of me and those early life at work that thought me most in life; and what you'd be if you're weak and follow the norm.
A rebellion i was until im late in my 20s, but those are the composites of me and made me what i am today.

Monday, 4 August 2008


Take it direct or indirectly, but i think he is naming the most prominent names to be the next leader of this deranged country despite what happened previously during their active political period.

I've good vibe about Ku Li though.
One of the reason is because he came from a well to do background thus money wont be his God. Hope so, insyallah.

Rais Yatim....hhhmmmm cant say much about this person. He is similar to Pak Lah last time. The diplomatic type, but see what a diplomatic type had done to the country. And one more thing; i supposed his milady is a wee bit too conspicuous. This wont add credit to a good leader. Not like im opposed to her being what she is, but one must know the limitations while they're in functions or being among people at any time; lack finesse i would say.
Maybe she should learn some formal ethics from more highly skilled consultant....

D'accord, back to Che Det's suggestion or indications; i applaud it...100 percent ( some his his blog's supporters would say).

Che Det

Sunday, 3 August 2008


I've been keeping this loathing sorta feeling for too long.

Everytime im back home, i will make sure i'd watch the television. Just to catch up with local whatnot.
One thing that truly make me sick (as always, ever since) is watching ridiculous advertisement. Some advertisement, especially done by the lower grade advertisers paid by stingy businesses always get my thumbs down.

However, quite recently i am seeing more and more adverts, both print and electronics portraying either man, woman or children in space.
Not enough with that, reading some politician speeches attributing the country's achievement by sending a man to outer space.
Almost all will not failed to portrayed the Malaysian 'astronaut' in some way or another.

Gosh....this is way too much for me to swallow.
In the first place, this advertising company; dont they get to employ better Art Directors or Creative Directors who can come out with different creative ideas?
It is utterly ridiculous having most advertising showing similar approach.
And so what about going to outer space squattering on other people's rocket unless its your own.

Other people can do too; if you have the money.
Pay approx USD1mil and you'll get yourself to be brought out to space. Just like what the not-too-bad looking doctor had 'done' for the country.
He is lucky because the generous Malaysian government wanted to spend some money in order to get some back to their pockets, decided to send this chap to space.

And the stories about him praying and reciting the holy book?
It's pure bull and obviously if he did, it shows that he didn't even touched a button because he is only THE passenger.
How on earth or space can you do your prayers given all the timing and bearing factors.
This is another mockery of the holy book Al-Quran and the religion done by the Malays, yet again.
Almost all now will non-reluctantly use the religion to get to the majority and their support.


Saiful Says He Arranged Meetings Between Anwar And MPs Wishing To Jump Ship

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 2 (Bernama) -- Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who accuses Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him, has said that among the responsibilities given by Anwar to him was to arrange secret meetings with members of Parliament wishing to jump ship.

In his weblog,, Saiful said that usually, the meetings were held at Desa Damansara Condominium.Saiful, 23, said that when he was serving as Anwar's special aide, he had followed the Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor overseas including to Hong Kong (early May), Bangkok (end of May) and Singapore (June 16 and 18).

In an article titled "Tugas-tugas seorang bekas Coffee Boy kepada DSAI" (Duties of a former Coffee Boy to DSAI) posted on the weblog dated yesterday, Saiful said that his assignments and responsibilities were to assist chief of staff Ibrahim Yaacob manage Anwar's schedule.
"All the things that I state are the truth and it is up to readers to believe or not or try ask Anwar to explain whether they are true or not," he said.
In the weblog, Saiful said he prayed for the Attorney-General's Chambers to take this case because he said: "I want to get justice."Saiful said he would take an oath according to Islam in the near term as the police had completed the investigation into the case.

Three days ago Saiful, through counsel Zamri Idrus, said that he would swear on the Quran after police investigations into the sodomy allegation had been completed.On June 28, Saiful lodged a police report claiming Anwar who was his former employer, had sodomised him several times and the last was at a condominium in Damansara two days before the police report was lodged.-- BERNAMA

I sure hope this poor boy knows what he is getting himself into. Typical of muslim Malays, or perhaps others i dont know, is to conclude something they believe in by swearing their words of thruth before the holy Quran.
Somehow, to me it is making a mockery out of the holy book done by man in order to achieve their goals.

And come on; a steady young guy, bending over for one old freak to trust his shaft into the hell hole? Puhhlezzzzzzzz.....unless, unless........

1. he is used to having a dick in where it is not supposed to be
2. he just wanna cuba cuba (like bro anwar when he was younger in all boys college)
3. its mere conspiracy to toppled the old fart
4. the current government arent creative enough to think of other plot

Damn.....shit hole sucks man....

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Fierce makcik

Wanita Umno Chief Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz says PAS is not sincere in having a dialogue with Umno because it imposes conditions for the talks.She also said that it was not necessary for PAS to suggest the dissolution of both parties to make way for a new party to unite the Malays.(why not...wind of change is always good)

"If there are problems related to the ummah and other issues of common concern, we should tackle them together.(tackle them together; i think everyone agree that the problem amongst the ummah in Malaysia has never been worst like it is now) There is no need for the party to impose conditions if it really wants to cooperate," she said.
(they had to, otherwise they'd been UMNOised)

Speaking to reporters after chairing the movement's executive council meeting here, Rafidah said Umno's good intention (hahahahaha..this is a joke) had not been received well by PAS.On the meeting Friday, Rafidah said, it was to discuss the movement's "meet-the-leaders" programme on Monday at the Putra World Trade Centre, and the Permatang Pauh by-election.

Rafidah said the meet-the-leaders programme would be opened by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi while the closing would be by his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak."The programme is to provide an avenue for Umno's top leadership to brief the movement on issues facing the party as well as on government policies," she said.
About 800 members would attend the event(and be given gula-gula too :-)).On the Permatang Pauh by-election, Rafidah said, Wanita Umno would get its machinery moving immediately in preparation for the polls.
On the leadership change in Wanita Umno, Rafidah said, the matter was not discussed in Friday's meeting.She also rejected the notion that the movement was becoming "quiet", saying that an organisation's strength was not measured merely by the number of statements it made to the media.(ya, right....) - BERNAMA

In the first place, i wonder until when this lady will be at helm in this Wanita UMNO party.
She has been the best actress all this long and still managed to received strong suppport from the fellow makciks makciks.
Hello...wakey, wakey....
Cant believe what this fierce makcik is capable of doing.....