Monday, 4 August 2008


Take it direct or indirectly, but i think he is naming the most prominent names to be the next leader of this deranged country despite what happened previously during their active political period.

I've good vibe about Ku Li though.
One of the reason is because he came from a well to do background thus money wont be his God. Hope so, insyallah.

Rais Yatim....hhhmmmm cant say much about this person. He is similar to Pak Lah last time. The diplomatic type, but see what a diplomatic type had done to the country. And one more thing; i supposed his milady is a wee bit too conspicuous. This wont add credit to a good leader. Not like im opposed to her being what she is, but one must know the limitations while they're in functions or being among people at any time; lack finesse i would say.
Maybe she should learn some formal ethics from more highly skilled consultant....

D'accord, back to Che Det's suggestion or indications; i applaud it...100 percent ( some his his blog's supporters would say).

Che Det
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