Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I personally don't have anything against some people's interest in leaving in comments in hugely browsed blog such as Dr M's
However, i find it very childish of these individuals in leaving unnecessary remarks such as "i'm the first (although they're not; and just because they didn't see any comments being logged by the administrator), or, i'm second, i'm third and some with even ridiculous remarks such as "hai".

Isn't it dumb dumb?

Adding on to it, there are also comments such as "i agree with you", "yes' you are right", bla bla bla....

Majority will be parrotting, and hardly will questions.
I applaud those who can gave their views from a different angle and made open minds of readers rather than being bogged down with list of "parroters".

My advice is , if you dont know what the blogger is trying to channel out of his brain; quit giving juvenile remarks and better, go to another entertainment blog to fulfill your lust for reading blogs, duhhhh......
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