Thursday, 14 August 2008

Singlet and bra strap

Maybe im old.
Maybe it wasn't during my time but it gave me some sort of yukky feelings seeing all these SYT and not so SYT wearing singlet with their cheerful and sometimes loud bra strap intentionally exposed for viewing.

Not that im that old (wink* wink*) because i do sometime see much much older women wearing something similar to that.
Perhaps im a little bit of a conservative person in thinking and thought that people around my age circle (age again.....) should be wearing an elegant and respectful outfit, formal and informal.

Okay, coming back to the singlet and exposed bra strap, i wonder wether these SYT and not so SYT thought that they must don something like that in order to be a fasionista. And perhaps they thought wearing bra doesn't mean you must hide it anymore?!...i dunno.

I do know that less be shown is always better than show all......
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