Sunday, 3 August 2008


I've been keeping this loathing sorta feeling for too long.

Everytime im back home, i will make sure i'd watch the television. Just to catch up with local whatnot.
One thing that truly make me sick (as always, ever since) is watching ridiculous advertisement. Some advertisement, especially done by the lower grade advertisers paid by stingy businesses always get my thumbs down.

However, quite recently i am seeing more and more adverts, both print and electronics portraying either man, woman or children in space.
Not enough with that, reading some politician speeches attributing the country's achievement by sending a man to outer space.
Almost all will not failed to portrayed the Malaysian 'astronaut' in some way or another.

Gosh....this is way too much for me to swallow.
In the first place, this advertising company; dont they get to employ better Art Directors or Creative Directors who can come out with different creative ideas?
It is utterly ridiculous having most advertising showing similar approach.
And so what about going to outer space squattering on other people's rocket unless its your own.

Other people can do too; if you have the money.
Pay approx USD1mil and you'll get yourself to be brought out to space. Just like what the not-too-bad looking doctor had 'done' for the country.
He is lucky because the generous Malaysian government wanted to spend some money in order to get some back to their pockets, decided to send this chap to space.

And the stories about him praying and reciting the holy book?
It's pure bull and obviously if he did, it shows that he didn't even touched a button because he is only THE passenger.
How on earth or space can you do your prayers given all the timing and bearing factors.
This is another mockery of the holy book Al-Quran and the religion done by the Malays, yet again.
Almost all now will non-reluctantly use the religion to get to the majority and their support.

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