Saturday, 23 August 2008

Malaysia Today: Your source of independent news - Najib: Muslim by birth, Hindu by practice

Najib: Muslim by birth, Hindu by practice

I came across this and find it quite amusing.

Nevertheless, personally, i would not question the truth about this 'bomoh' or medium thing among politicians in Malaysia.

It has been going on i dont know since when.

And on the DPM's wife's involvement in the bomoh thing;- i know a person who are related to another person whom had personal experience long long time ago on her bomoh ensure the hubby got to the position that she dreamt of. Damn.

This actually brought my mind years ago to watching this Nat Geo (or perhaps Discovery) documentary on how Cuban higher officials( must be instructed by his leader Castro) drew a strike on one samll dummy's eyes (similiar to those voodoo dolls) and mouth.

The doll supposedly to represent the then President Bush (the older Bush).

According to the mediums, by doing so and placing the dolls on an altar in a small prayers room, the President would be tight lipped on giving any comments whatever on the Cuban government affairs or something like that.

The documentary which was focusing on this sort of rituals and mystics believers also mentioned that the top mediums or charm believers are the African. The Asian particularly SEA came second.

This made me recall a friend's story on one rituals conducted in one of the Indonesian islands.

It was said that there would be one particular night where all the bomohs etc would conduct a ' challenging night' and everyone would be hiding in their houses early to avoid 'accidental mishaps'. This challenging night is when these so called bomohs will test their rituals and power by "releasing" their hantus whatever and start attacking each another.

Some sort like aero-space fight, i guess......i wonder......
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