Sunday, 17 August 2008

Remember Me

Ever since my last visit back home early this year, i cant help but notice the amount of advertisement in one local free tv station, TV3.
Not that the advertisement had increased in figures compared to whenever, but the amount of cheap advertisement selling beauty and health product had been flooding the intervals between shows.
I also took notice that most of the products are 'produced' by Bumiputra entrepreneurs.

Mind you, i am happy to know that there are loads of Bumiputra women entrepreneurs mushrooming in the market in this beauty sector due to the demands from modern women. But the thing that gave me that sickly thing was almost 90% of the products will not fail to portray the founder's photos in all-beauty manner and made-up to perfection.

Now, the most interesting thing would be the man. Previously you could only see women's faces but the men had join in the bandwagon into these type of marketing.
One might just notice this chap that produces sea-cucumber medicinal products called gamat. His face will be printed on the bottle, and all packaging.
This time around, one can see a couple of men doing the similar strategy.

From what i can recall, and i might be wrong; this photo printed beauty products and packaging was first started by this one lady from the Philippine. She is known by Dr Leogardo something. One would remember her easily by her heavily lifted face and excessive bee-stung lips.

Anyway, this way of marketing their products and by showing how beautiful they are although their look are much more fake than Madame Tussauds mannequin- i cant blame them. One will start to do it and the rest follow suit. Perhaps it is the cheapest and easiest way in being glamour and remembered. In a way, one client might not remember the product's name but remember the face printed on the leaflet or packaging.

To my amazement some of these products were sold at a very reduced price but i don't really know the effect of it because i knew no one that uses these tv marketed products except for the gamat gel that works wonders when you're accidentally burnt yourself with hot oil while cooking. My mom can attest to it too.

I do hope that this trend would soon diminished and replaced with one that is more encouraging and attract confidence for the public to buy and test their products. Especially the man. I don't think by printing your not-that-handsome face on the bottle would add weight to your products.

To me it spells lack of good advertising, not so good products with loads of chemicals and peeling agents to produced smooth reddish skins and just cannot buy my trust..... i personally would not even want to be tested with any of these products no matter how cheap they can be.
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