Sunday, 17 August 2008


Courtesy is very important in our everyday life.
Without courtesy one will be regarded as coming from a not well educated background or perhaps from an unpolished parents.
At least I would without being prejudice and non judgemental. It is a fact.
It is experienced by myself and most people that i know.

Being courteous is quite vital.
Take the most popular example point of being courteous; holding the door when someone is about to come in following our back our back or someone is at the same time about to go out when we're about to enter a place.
Being in this mix racial country, i must singularise certain race group and certain cultured and uneducated lot.

I realised the Chinese are the least group of people that would posses the courtesy of holding the door opened if such incident occured. Younger people and worst, the older generation would just leave the door slammed onto your face even when they took notice of you struggling to come in thru the door especially holding a toddler's hand and something else on the other hand.

The Malays would come second and the Indians would be third.
My theory on this would be;

The Chinese are everywhere in town. Their son,and their father to the father and grandmother to the mother are everymwere. Thus we would always bumped on them especially at malls, bourses house where old retired small time shareholder spent their time or at the banks to bank in money to their fix deposits.

The Malays are not that many in specific public places but i've had an experience in a mall while pushing my 8 mths old stroller. While waiting for the lift door to open to go down to basement one all of a sudden came this middle-aged man somewhere in his 30s cuddling a 5 yr old boy from nowhere and strolled selfishly pushing my stroller's front wheel followed by one old woman and two young women.

I was all fumed up and they didn't even help to put hold to the lift door. I thought these bunch of morons must be coming from some deep ulu kampung here for a visit to the son's house. Without hesitation i stared at them and because the lift just brought us down to one level below, i could only voiced my dissatisfaction towards them in a cynical statement. The man walked off fast but the older woman stared at me with annoyance. I understand that she might be dumb to understand why i am being irritated, but heck, courtesy is something that came from within, the feeling of empathy must be in one.
In my opinion, these unethical people should be thought a lesson and not just letting them go off scott-free.

However i cant comment much on the Indians because i think it was due to fewer of them in town centre where i am situated.
It might also be that it's just my luck to be bumped into these type of people.....
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