Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bye Bye 2011...

.....and I welcome you 2012...just like all the years that has gone by.
Like it or not, resolution accomplished or just being left there on the shelf, with all the backlogs.

Have a wonderful year ahead.
I surely hope to have one myself.

H5N1 alert.

WHO warns of lab-produced bird flu virus

GENEVA: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued an alert, warning that studies undertaken by several institutions which generate mutations of the H5N1 influenza virus could pose possible risks to public health, China's Xinhua news agency reported.

According to media reports, a research team from the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, created mutations of the virus that enabled it to be transmissible between ferrets, which indicates the virus can also be transmissible among human beings while retaining its lethal effect.

Similar studies were reportedly carried out by a joint research team from the University of Wisconsin in the United States and the University of Tokyo in Japan.

WHO says it was "deeply concerned" about the potential negative consequences over such laboratory tests.

"While it is clear that conducting research to gain such knowledge must continue, it is also clear that certain research, and especially that which can generate more dangerous forms of the virus than those which already exist, has risks," WHO says.

WHO insists that such research should be done "only after all important public health risks and benefits have been identified and reviewed," with necessary protections to minimise the potential for negative consequences in place.


What more can we say to this kind of news?
Even without this, it has been suspected that some of the viruses emerging more frequently these past decades must have been some jobs of pharmaceuticals companies to gain exorbitant revenues and big fat paychecks for the shareholders.

Just like how my dad always complaining about the short-lived bulbs every time he changes it. When I found it too repetitive, my only statement answering to his complains was the bulb manufacturer will 'close-shop' if they gonna produce very good quality bulbs for the consumer because then, there'll be less demand, there'd be less manufacturing, when there's less manufacturing, obviously there'd be less everything, right up to cutting working hours and it's a domino affect after all.
Basically, it's a nice world to lived in but inhabitat by people who over the centuries turned to cruel monsters. It's a jungle as they put it.

So, what more can we say about this.
The virus, like it or not can be spread among humans. They know of the fact even while doing the testing.
Do they care about the repercussion? Nope, I don't think so.
It's all about proving something and gaining even more.

Lets hope we will be spared of all the unwanted...

Friday, 30 December 2011

Sophistication vs Public Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding moms protest at Target stores, but US public is real mark -

Breastfeeding in public became an issue of debate when a Target employee asked a breastfeeding customer to do it elsewhere. To protest the sexual emphasis of breasts over the practical significance as a means to nourish babies, hundreds of moms gathered in some 250 Target stores across the US to breastfeed, Wednesday.

Charles Rex Arbogast/AP
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I remember how shocked I was as a teenager laid eyes on one woman breastfeeding her child in a bus and thought what a revolting sight that was.
It is utterly embarrassing and immodest thing to do in public.

Now, after becoming a mom myself, I still find nursing in public (my definition of public is people other than your husband and small children) quite not an OK thing to do. No matter how you want to put it. No matter how you want to sell the idea that breastfeeding is a natural thing to do and mother should be au-natural doing it.
It's 'humanly'.
It's mom and baby rights. 
Maybe it's just me and some who shared the same outlook on public breastfeeding.

No matter how these American moms tries to 'persuade' the public into accepting public breastfeeding, I still think, and believe a lot of people share the same sentiment with me that public breastfeeding is just not OK at all.
It's like going back to being uncivilized and seriously lack sophistication.
To me personally, it's like, 'Oh, I'm a mom, and I can start unbuttoning my shirt in public to showcase my breastfeeding time because breast milk is so filled with goodness and I refuse to hide away from the fact'....wouldn't it be so?

No. I've got nothing against people who breastfeed. Really.
I'm a mom to a 6 month old myself.
I breastfeed my child but the difference is I must do discreetly. Even when my mom or sisters are around.
I'll do it in a room.
It is just so not proper to nurse in public no matter how one tries to hide it by wearing nursing-wear.

Then again...the choice is yours and sophistication is how one looks at it.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Im not afraid...

Excerpt from Chedet;
27. Menjadi penakut memalukan. Bangsa yang penakut tidak boleh dibanggakan. Janganlah kita sengaja menjadikan bangsa kita bangsa penakut. Sebaliknya cubalah supaya bangsa kita jadi lebih berani. Ahli-ahli politik pun tak usahlah cari bomoh kerana ingin menang. Bukan bomoh yang boleh beri kemenangan. Budi yang baik, tingkah laku yang sopan, keperihatinan akan masalah yang dihadapi rakyat yang boleh memberi kemenangan dan kejayaan.
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It has been quite a while I have not visited Chedet's weblog.
Today, and since I've been attacked by my own representation of 'writer's block'  and time was on my side, I decided to web-surf his and few more others just to touch base especially with the local political and social whatnots.
Chedet's Dec 13th webpost grabbed my attention.
The word takut @ afraid.
The word that my mom once told me, can harbour good and bad -- that was after my action of crumpling and throwing in front of a policeman the summon he gave me during my racing for meeting years. Long story short, all I asked from him was what had I done wrong and he didn't answer me!
Perhaps that word 'takut' wasn't in my vocab at all and I was so desperately late for my meeting with some affiliates -- I said what I wanted to say ( also part of believing too much in 'my rights as a citizen')....of course, he got crossed, I got in my car and sped off, he jumped on his motorbike and halted me and issued another summon without saying a thing and although I didn't signed the summon he stuck it on my windscreen and went away -- very angrily obviously.
See, that incident show how the 'takut' should be in existence sometimes.
When I rationalised the whole situation some times later, my action can actually caused me some uncalled for some 'paybacks' from that quarters, as some of us know it actually happens.
I remember years later  reading about one lawyer who managed to get away from being prosecuted after he called one policeman 'bodoh' (stupid), whilst a girl, the following year or so, who might want to try her luck calling names at one policeman was being apprehended for three or six months.
Of course coming back to Chedet's story -- another interesting point he made out was the relationship of Malaysian politicians with their special 'consultants', which to my knowledge has been going on for ever...will it stop? I don't think so....The Malays, Indians and Chinese...all the same.
So basically, having no fear at all  is not good.
Having feeling afraid unnecessarily also not good.
Having fear we gonna lose our possession will make us paranoiac. But having no fear of God Almighty and believing in another power or sources is not good and considered shirk in Islam.
As Chedet mentioned, we should not be afraid to face the truth. And one should never seek help from soothsayers, regardless of whether they were true or false. False soothsayers are liars who pretend things to attract people's awe, money, or both. True soothsayers rely on jinns and the devil, and apply procedures containing kufr to produce their spells. Thus all of their spells, including ruqa, are prohibited, and any Muslim who seeks their help are condemned.
As indicated in the Qur’an, (the magicians can never be successful) (Taha 20:69), nor (can they benefit anyone) (al-Baqarah 2:102). Because of all of this, and from the rule established earlier that Allah did not make our cure in anything that He prohibited, we clearly conclude that it is not permissible at all to seek a ruqyah from a such people.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Honour Killing.

Family guilty of Belgian honour killing

A Belgian court has sentenced four members of a Pakistani family to prison for the "honour killing" of their law student daughter and sister.

After pronouncing the family members guilty for the shooting death of Sadia Sheikh in October 2007, the jury sentenced father Tarik Mahmood Sheikh to 25 years behind bars, mother Zahida Parveen Sariya to 20 years, brother Mudusar to 15 and sister Sariya to five years.

Lawyers for the family said on Monday brother Mudusar, who confessed to pulling the trigger on the three bullets that killed his sister, was handed a lesser jail term than his parents as they were considered to have ordered the girl's death.

Prosecutors had asked for a life sentence for all three, and between 20 and 30 years behind bars for Sariya.
Sadia Sheikh, who defied the family by living with a Belgian and refusing an arranged marriage, was shot dead when aged 20 on October 22, 2007.

Mudusar admitted before the jury of five women and seven men to killing his sister while saying the rest of the family were not to blame.

Her parents and sister stood accused of aiding and abetting the killing which took place when the student visited her family in the hopes of patching up their quarrel.

Questioned during Belgium's first "honour killing" trial in southwestern Mons, Mudusar said the killing was premeditated "for a long time".

The trial also involved rights groups pleading for gender equality as part of a civil suit at the hearings.

Sadia Sheikh left the family home to study after her shopkeeper parents tried to arrange a marriage with a cousin living in Pakistan she had never met.

Before moving in with a Belgian man her age named Jean, she was helped by fellow students and teachers and also spent some time in a centre for victims of domestic violence, where she drew up a will as she felt threatened.

She had nonetheless agreed to visit the family in hopes of making peace the day she was shot.

The father, mother and sister, also facing charges of "attempting to arrange a marriage", denied involvement in the murder, saying Mudusar killed his sister in a fit of rage.-- AFP

It's a pity when this happened to one girl who all she wanted just a tiny freedom of having her future set for herself.
No doubt arranged marriage happened still, in this modern world, especially amongst the Arabian nations where family linked, or family name is very crucial in determining who would you be ending up your life with. One is not encouraged to marry another from unknown family root.
Family name mostly, will indicate from which clan and who was the ancestor back to the period of early Islamic realisation.

But in this case, as known, and through my own observation, as I can see lots of them here, Pakistani are an obedient lot.
They are very easily outraged -- if one notice from the constant bombing and fighting among themselves. Life to them seems so cheap and have no value at all.

It's also a  shame if some, I'm sure, will blame the religion for such cruel act  of honour killing.

Hopefully more Pakistani girls will have the gut to follow their own path rather than those being set upon them.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

500 lashes

Australian sentenced to 500 lashes in Saudi Arabia - Yahoo!

Oh dear....he must have not kept his mouth shut.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

RM250 fine for wearing short-sleeve T-shirt

RM250 fine for wearing short-sleeve T-shirt

A COFFEESHOP operator in Kota Baru, Kelantan, was fined RM250 after one of her Muslim workers wore a short-sleeve T-shirt to work.

All the major dailies Sin Chew Daily, China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau reported that an enforcement officer said to be from the Kota Baru Municipal Council issued the summons during a raid on Monday.

The officer claimed the female worker had exposed her arms and failed to conform to the dress code.
Apparently, the council by-law requires workers at business premises to wear the hijab (Islamic head scarf) and tutup aurat (cover parts of the body that should not be exposed according to Islamic belief).

Operator Loo Siew Lian said she explained to the officer that the worker had yet to put on her long “driving” gloves.

“I was surprised that the summons was issued.”

She added that all female workers would roll up their sleeves and remove their gloves while washing plates and doing kitchen work.
“However, they then put on long gloves while taking orders or serving food.

“The officer should be more considerate since my worker is a first-time offender. A warning should suffice,” she said.

A Kota Baru municipal councillor said he would try to resolve the issue.

“Our intention is to remind Muslim workers to abide by the dress code by-laws,” he said.

The last I saw at the Pantai Cahaya Bulan also known as Pantai Cinta Berahi located in Kota Baharu Kelantan was mostly tudung-clad young ladies wearing not just short sleeves, but nearly no sleeves at all.

So rather than this enforcement officer bothering business premises especially when it has to do with cooking and kitchen cleaning, why not do your trip to the beach or the mall and summon those people who aren't wearing proper muslim attire?

They are more exposed to the

Kelantan government just doesn't know what they actually want...really.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

All work and no play

All work and no play

According to a global survey that polled some 12,000 business people in 85 countries, Malaysians are not only clocking more hours at work but bringing their office load back home as well.

About 47% of Malaysian workers take tasks home to finish more than three times a week, compared to 43% globally; 15% regularly work more than 11 hours a day, compared with 10% globally.

Me and SO were laughing at how exactly true this is.
They even bring along that attitude here. For good or bad of it.
And you know -- the 'I got more work, so I'm go home early, you must have held some unimportant position.'
Oh come on....I was once an employee too before set sailing in business world.

I want to share this. Many years back, there was this guy who were introduced by a friend, whom had taken a  bold step out of working life into business world.
The thing that came to our bemusement was his working attitude.
He will be staying back in the office until late to do some work.
When we asked him, the need of him to stay after 5pm when his staff already went back, he just said that he can't do work when there's people around!...Isn't that funny?
According to him when there's people around, he will be disturbed by this and that, can't focus et cetera.

Now, I'm not saying that Malaysian are all like that.
But, if everyone is given the same amount of working time in a day, why do you need to stay back after office hours?
Unless you are the sort of employee who'd walk around with your coffee mug talking about whatnots (the men) and gossiping and complaining about kids (the women), taking more than twice ciggie break although you got all the time you need during lunch break, surfing the net, and the ultimate thing would be YOU are unable and failed to manage your time precisely.

If you got loads of work to do -- you can opt to skip lunch, come in early...and stop entertaining drop-bys by unwanted people who just want to talk non-related issues.

But, in Malaysia, I'm guessing it's again the show-offs thing, especially in Chinese 'conquered' offices (no offense you chinos), and about having a D-head as a boss -- he or she(worst still) doesn't care whether you do your work or just heating up the chairs, the boss just want to see you there after 5 or's gonna be worst if you gonna have spinsters as the boss.

Okay, on a serious note.
Let's admit it.
Malaysian household.
75% maybe 80% are taking home double income. Mom and dad goes to work.
Maid at home becoming temp mom for the kiddos-- so, do you really think they'd give a compulsory must do to themselves to make it home right after office hour? That is probably one of the reason they don't mind sitting back in the office and chit chatting or make use of the office equipments such as xerox-ing their school kids works or pamphlets for their direct selling part time work.

Not saying those who stayed back are a slacker during official office hours.
There are people who really got things to finish up due to certain tight dateline. But it wont happen every day ain't it?

So, the best first thing to do is Prioritise.
Stop talking rots or gossiping when boss not watching. Let go of the desperate need to talk to someone. You can keep your 'kedai kopi' talk after office hours or during lunch break.
Make use of every hour precisely.

Do it for a week and see.

To those who got a D-head as a boss, talk to them nicely and explain why you shouldn't be staying back and what amount of electricity would be put to waste if you stayed back.

Bosses are human (unless they're not) to them and they'll love you more if you become transparent with them.

Try it today.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Political satire

All eyes on pretty-in-pink Lisa

"HEADS turned when actress Lisa Surihani, dressed in a fetching sweet pink baju kurung, walked into the hall where the Puteri Umno delegates were having their assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

She was there to receive an achievement award for the arts by the party wing and said she was completely surprised at having been selected as a recipient."

Hmmmmm....everybody know the next GE is just around the corner. And UMNO especially is doing their best to gather as much support as they could by buying or bribing whoever in order to maintain the position managing the country through their other political coalition Barisan Nasional.

But award to a young actress with just few low scale Malay movies under her sleeve, and she who obviously  know herself well, and who was also 'surprised' by being selected, admittedly say she's only in the industry for only four year. As a smart girl, she must have smell something fishy behind this award giving reception.

Who won't.
It has never been done before.
Do they seriously think they can get extra votes from Lisa's fan club?

They, UMNO and Puteri UMNO and Wanita UMNO, should squeeze that little thing they have up their head to come out with better way of pooling votes from already tons of Malays who have be feeling jaded for past  two terms.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Final hours...

Just days before Indian PM's scheduled visit to Manipur, a powerful bomb explodes killing a rickshaw puller.

He later crumbled and died at the spot....