Thursday, 29 December 2011

Im not afraid...

Excerpt from Chedet;
27. Menjadi penakut memalukan. Bangsa yang penakut tidak boleh dibanggakan. Janganlah kita sengaja menjadikan bangsa kita bangsa penakut. Sebaliknya cubalah supaya bangsa kita jadi lebih berani. Ahli-ahli politik pun tak usahlah cari bomoh kerana ingin menang. Bukan bomoh yang boleh beri kemenangan. Budi yang baik, tingkah laku yang sopan, keperihatinan akan masalah yang dihadapi rakyat yang boleh memberi kemenangan dan kejayaan.
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It has been quite a while I have not visited Chedet's weblog.
Today, and since I've been attacked by my own representation of 'writer's block'  and time was on my side, I decided to web-surf his and few more others just to touch base especially with the local political and social whatnots.
Chedet's Dec 13th webpost grabbed my attention.
The word takut @ afraid.
The word that my mom once told me, can harbour good and bad -- that was after my action of crumpling and throwing in front of a policeman the summon he gave me during my racing for meeting years. Long story short, all I asked from him was what had I done wrong and he didn't answer me!
Perhaps that word 'takut' wasn't in my vocab at all and I was so desperately late for my meeting with some affiliates -- I said what I wanted to say ( also part of believing too much in 'my rights as a citizen')....of course, he got crossed, I got in my car and sped off, he jumped on his motorbike and halted me and issued another summon without saying a thing and although I didn't signed the summon he stuck it on my windscreen and went away -- very angrily obviously.
See, that incident show how the 'takut' should be in existence sometimes.
When I rationalised the whole situation some times later, my action can actually caused me some uncalled for some 'paybacks' from that quarters, as some of us know it actually happens.
I remember years later  reading about one lawyer who managed to get away from being prosecuted after he called one policeman 'bodoh' (stupid), whilst a girl, the following year or so, who might want to try her luck calling names at one policeman was being apprehended for three or six months.
Of course coming back to Chedet's story -- another interesting point he made out was the relationship of Malaysian politicians with their special 'consultants', which to my knowledge has been going on for ever...will it stop? I don't think so....The Malays, Indians and Chinese...all the same.
So basically, having no fear at all  is not good.
Having feeling afraid unnecessarily also not good.
Having fear we gonna lose our possession will make us paranoiac. But having no fear of God Almighty and believing in another power or sources is not good and considered shirk in Islam.
As Chedet mentioned, we should not be afraid to face the truth. And one should never seek help from soothsayers, regardless of whether they were true or false. False soothsayers are liars who pretend things to attract people's awe, money, or both. True soothsayers rely on jinns and the devil, and apply procedures containing kufr to produce their spells. Thus all of their spells, including ruqa, are prohibited, and any Muslim who seeks their help are condemned.
As indicated in the Qur’an, (the magicians can never be successful) (Taha 20:69), nor (can they benefit anyone) (al-Baqarah 2:102). Because of all of this, and from the rule established earlier that Allah did not make our cure in anything that He prohibited, we clearly conclude that it is not permissible at all to seek a ruqyah from a such people.

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