Friday, 30 December 2011

Sophistication vs Public Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding moms protest at Target stores, but US public is real mark -

Breastfeeding in public became an issue of debate when a Target employee asked a breastfeeding customer to do it elsewhere. To protest the sexual emphasis of breasts over the practical significance as a means to nourish babies, hundreds of moms gathered in some 250 Target stores across the US to breastfeed, Wednesday.

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I remember how shocked I was as a teenager laid eyes on one woman breastfeeding her child in a bus and thought what a revolting sight that was.
It is utterly embarrassing and immodest thing to do in public.

Now, after becoming a mom myself, I still find nursing in public (my definition of public is people other than your husband and small children) quite not an OK thing to do. No matter how you want to put it. No matter how you want to sell the idea that breastfeeding is a natural thing to do and mother should be au-natural doing it.
It's 'humanly'.
It's mom and baby rights. 
Maybe it's just me and some who shared the same outlook on public breastfeeding.

No matter how these American moms tries to 'persuade' the public into accepting public breastfeeding, I still think, and believe a lot of people share the same sentiment with me that public breastfeeding is just not OK at all.
It's like going back to being uncivilized and seriously lack sophistication.
To me personally, it's like, 'Oh, I'm a mom, and I can start unbuttoning my shirt in public to showcase my breastfeeding time because breast milk is so filled with goodness and I refuse to hide away from the fact'....wouldn't it be so?

No. I've got nothing against people who breastfeed. Really.
I'm a mom to a 6 month old myself.
I breastfeed my child but the difference is I must do discreetly. Even when my mom or sisters are around.
I'll do it in a room.
It is just so not proper to nurse in public no matter how one tries to hide it by wearing nursing-wear.

Then again...the choice is yours and sophistication is how one looks at it.
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