Friday, 2 December 2011

Political satire

All eyes on pretty-in-pink Lisa

"HEADS turned when actress Lisa Surihani, dressed in a fetching sweet pink baju kurung, walked into the hall where the Puteri Umno delegates were having their assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

She was there to receive an achievement award for the arts by the party wing and said she was completely surprised at having been selected as a recipient."

Hmmmmm....everybody know the next GE is just around the corner. And UMNO especially is doing their best to gather as much support as they could by buying or bribing whoever in order to maintain the position managing the country through their other political coalition Barisan Nasional.

But award to a young actress with just few low scale Malay movies under her sleeve, and she who obviously  know herself well, and who was also 'surprised' by being selected, admittedly say she's only in the industry for only four year. As a smart girl, she must have smell something fishy behind this award giving reception.

Who won't.
It has never been done before.
Do they seriously think they can get extra votes from Lisa's fan club?

They, UMNO and Puteri UMNO and Wanita UMNO, should squeeze that little thing they have up their head to come out with better way of pooling votes from already tons of Malays who have be feeling jaded for past  two terms.

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