Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Eid Mubarak!!

Today is the day of celebration for all Muslims.
My being at home celebrating is a must.
I cant bring myself celebrating it here, after the first and last experience celebrating it here without family and friends. They do have a community at the place where Im residing now, but somehow there is no point of if the community is slacking in genuine devotion and are of pretentious. I mean, basically, they are those that you 'don't actually know and don't wish to know'.

Anyway, when it comes to 'don't actually know and don't wish to know' -- I have got this urging feeling of really wanting to know who is actually the Prime Minister of my home country, Malaysia.

You see, every year, it is a ritual for someone to announce the day of the Eid, after the sighting of the moon commemorating the celebration, This will be announced right after the night prayer.
Then on the first day, there will be special speech by the Prime Minister.
I cannot recall, the current premier, Najib Razak's way of giving speech pass years but this year, he gave his speech while sitting down on a couch beside his wife Rosmah.
But that was not the gist of the story.
I was later utterly shocked when Rosmah gave her own speech...which was carried on air for the next couple of days!!
I mean, who IS the Prime Minister?
Has it been done before in the history of Malaysia? Nope.
Has it been done in other country's history? I do not think so.

So why is she stealing the lime light?
Why is she been allowed to do that?

Could it be possible that the rumours that she is the actual PRIMIER is true?....

By the look of it -- YUP indeed.

With news about her whatnot being carried on air daily, there is no doubt she is the actual premier.
Indeed her long patience 'hard-work' is being paid off now.

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