Thursday, 18 July 2013

Qatar’s state mosque reinstates Ramadan ban on small kids

Qatar’s largest mosque has once again banned children from attending evening and taraweeh prayers this Ramadan after receiving a number of complaints from worshippers, Al Sharq reports.
During the first few days of the fasting month, kids could be seen milling about the Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Mosque’s men’s prayer area. A makeshift space had been allotted for females with small children to pray downstairs near the women’s prayer area.

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Right move.

This should be carried out in Malaysia's masjid too.
The typical statement of most like 'we bring the kids to masjid to cultivate islamic way of life'  and ' the kids will want to pray if we introduce them to masjid at early age' --which in my opinion are corny and super irrelevant because these kids wont be praying, but running in between the 'saf', laughing and are totally ignorant if some adult asked them to be quiete.

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