Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Complicated Children.

This week alone I had been bemused by two stories about children in two different countries, one in Indonesia and another in home country Malaysia.

Well, the first one was about this 2 year old smoker-boy in Indonesia.
While feeling a bit ireful at the idea of him being allowed smoking by the parents, watching him on the video puffing away better than some young women, I can't help but feeling rather sceptical with the news, on his actual age actually. From the way he puffed and hold the cigarette.
There is a syndrome where people don't look their age.

The news which was carried out by UK's The Sun and some other newspaper, mentioned that his mother was feeling devastated by her son's throwing tantrum if not allowed having any cigarette whenever he asked for it.

It was said that the boy began to get addicted to smoking after his father had given in to his initial request.... And in the first place, we all don't smoke near young children, even if we chose to endanger moi.

What ever it is, sometimes it is beyond my comprehension in understanding some people actions and inaction's.

Back on the other story.
It is about three sisters in Gurun, Kedah, north of the peninsular which had been hospitalised after eating soil and pebbles, because of hunger.

One concern chap who brought the girls to the hospital after being told of their behaviour, is seeking help for the kids to be placed at a home run by the State Welfare Department.
According to them they resorted to eating sands and pebbles because they don't have enough food at home.

The three including one cousin boy were doing better warded at one hospital nearby
despite being weak and suffering from diarrhoea.

Their father,an odd job worker earning mere RM400 a month and housewife mom, however are fighting to keep all their six despite having life difficulties.

Now, I am wondering where are the welfare department concerned.
Living with that much of an income in Malaysia is count to disastrous life, and the welfare department is adding more to it by their freaking red tape.

It's a pity life has to be difficult for them children.
It's sad to see some very spoilt rich children throwing expensive handphones, wearing expensive sports shoes that only last for nine months, and chuck aside food they dislike.

Another thing spurted out of my mind - perhaps Samy Vellu is willing to extend his prosperity in helping this family.
He might get better support and be able to sit on that chair for the next decade.

Any take Mr Samy?
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