Friday, 2 July 2010

Cup of Life - sans Samba.

Can't help it.

I'm no football fan, but I found myself getting into the groove as the game kicking itself to the quarter final. And I must admit that it was the indirect influenced of my SO constant cheering and whimpings. He isn't a big football fan either, because his interest only come visiting every four years.
Tonight is one of the most important game and having to watch Brasil packing up biding adios to the African land - the samba spirit at home and elsewhere must be dying after tonight.

I'm sure there'd be a lot of mournings around the world and there'd also be a lot of laughing as football bookies will be making tons of money out of this game and through out this I'd call 'unpredictable' World Cup 2010.
Although not a fan, I do keep track of important games and certain sports.
Always watching the giants and strong team rejoicing their winnings, I believe this particular game will be getting more interesting and it is a surely an underdogs year.
Don't be surprised if Africa 2010 might be seeing some unexpected team taking home the Cup of Life this time :)
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