Sunday, 25 July 2010

The future of new family institution.

Family let them down big time, says Shahrizat

.....THE number of street children in the city is growing rapidly and there is a
lack of social monitoring by the Welfare Department, said Women, Family and
Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

...“Some them are intelligent and speak we l l , and from what
they have told me, it seems that their families have failed them in a big way.”
She said some of the street children were extremely intelligent and it would be
a waste of human capital if they were neglected.....

Not being judgemental or opinionated, I feel the society of this country will somehow be like those of long-developed nation such as the American or European – a society where people isolate themselves, or being isolated, the advancement that lead to being individualistic, the lack of participation activities that involves others than immediate family circle and so on and so-forth.
My term of immediate family circle here only limited to parents and the siblings.

As the Minister herself stated, the lack of social monitoring is one of the reasons for these youth current worrying lifestyle, but bottom line still zoom back to the individual family itself.
The institution developed by the 'maker' i.e. the father and the mother.
How strong the foundation on each family were to admittedly or not were laid by the them, in terms of respects of one another, empathy, and knowledge besides the core of any good human, religious input.

There is no benchmark on how parents should be bringing up the children or develop their own family.
But there would always be a mark to categorised one successful family from the other.
Some might look on the well to do highly educated children, obedient and filial children which would bring joy to the parents and some other factors.

A successful family institution for me on the hand would mean unity and staying together through out nay turbulences and and no matter what type of challenges coming to toppled the family, all will be fought without prejudice and selfishness.

Eventough, I have yet to come to the stage where my children are even school-going kids, I feel there are lots of other factor that leads to these troubled youths to believing that they are being isolated by their parents, thus making them flock together in some ruined place which later will somehow make them those troublesome annoying street people.

Peer pressures besides the lack of communication between a child and the parents, busy modern working mothers, lack of traditional sentiments (although petty but it helps in developing children respect towards elders), and financial; the lack of abundance of it.

The rest, our pray to God in hope of better living for us the the offsprings.
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