Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Happiness -- from a different perspective.

There are many meaning to the word happiness.
And many ways of achieving it too, according to some. Which I agree to a certain magnitude.
As many ways of feeling and explaining it, I somehow feel happiness is something that is hard to stay on for a longer period of time, although it is quite esy to come by.

Maybe it is just some people's luck.
But I notice those who have prolonged happiness in them are mostly those who isolate themselves from many things and people in life.
Perhaps, that is why they actually found it.

Most people clung to othersfor happiness. They depend on their friends, family members,parents or spouse. They're dependent to other people's existence.
Their need of safety net in order to avoid falling on the hard ground is quite evident.

But some people just doesn't have the luck with other people and no safety net at all.
Thus they have got to be independently trying to crawl out of that stinking hole of manipulations.

One reason why those who are emotionally independent managed to crawl out, although sometimes being dragged down again, was they chose to talk less. Say less.
Not manifesting their feel in order to keep peace on the front.
In order to not stirred up some situation which could lead to greater isolation.

But through-out two decades of watching and experiencing, and trying to comprehend some of those oppressors actions, i came out with below prognosis on how they managed to stay untouched yet believe it is happiness meant to them ;

1. showering people with money in order to buy their attention and love.

2. incite hatred among family members so they could control certain people in the family, namely the parents.
3. to pretend and behave the dying-swan action when they created humongous sin in life in order not to be blame.

4. to constantly cultivating hatred towards selected few, and those believers will eventually isolate the suppressed party.

And again, they will win in the end.
How life is unfair....sometimes.
And when come time the suppressed speak their mind, the whole picture will be blown out of proportion.
And without given the space and time for explanation, the suppressed will continue to be oppressed.

Maybe...., maybe those hatred-inciter are too overwhelmed by the achievements that God lend them. Achievements they gathered by stepping, manipulating and constant backstabbing without remorse.

And maybe, they have yet to come to themselves....or they actually befriended the syaiton in disguise? Maybe.

They who do not know themselves, do not know God.
They who do not know God, will do everything including all against God in order to achieve their goals in life eventually getting endless supports.

As written in the Al-Quran : "He who knows himself knows God," and "We will show them Our signs in the world and in themselves, that the truth may be manifest to them."

I have learnt the hard way and accepted internal suppression in my life.
It has been the pillar of my strong-will character no doubt. It is the reasons of my little exposure in life in comparison.
Getting to know other things and live life as jolly as I can be.
But being suppressed for long?...I don't think so. Not anymore.

It is time for a hijrah.
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