Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Talk only...

Umno Ready To Meet PAS On Forging Cooperation, Says Muhyiddin

KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 (Bernama) -- Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Umno was prepared to officially or unofficially discuss with PAS on forging cooperation between the two political parties for the sake of Malay unity, as suggested by some quarters.

In welcoming the proposal, the deputy prime minister said the effort to establish cooperation between the two Malay Muslim-based political parties was not new as the matter had been voiced out before but the idea did not materialise.

"The question of unity among Malays is not something that is not good, what more in a situation now which calls for more concrete cooperation on such issues as the economy, culture and institution of rulers, besides building unity for the good of the ummah (community) and country," he said after opening the Asean Schools Games, here Tuesday.

Muhyiddin who is also Umno deputy president, said it was up to PAS leaders whether to cooperate with Umno or not.

On Monday, a Special Affairs Department think tank member Lokman Nor Adam was quoted as saying that the desire to make Malaysia a country that practised Islamic policies could be achieved if there was unity between PAS and Umno.

Asked about the fear among some quarters if there was PAS-Umno cooperation, Muhyiddin said they should not worry as the government looked after the interests of all races.

"The non-Muslim communities should not feel threatened by it as all this while, Muslim unity has helped ensure security and stability in this country. There has been no problem."

Muhyiddin also said that the government had no problem with groups wanting to form associations as long as it was in the interests of the people and nation, and not with a devious intention.

"Anyone can establish (an association)...whether it's a Chinese, Malay or Indian Perkasa," he said, referring to MCA vice-president Datuk Donald Lim's recent suggestion for a Chinese Perkasa be formed.


Don't you just love it when politicians use all excuses they can think of to gather votes.
WHO they wanna kid this time?

Mr think tank member Lokman Nor Adam is in sure need to think harder and come out with better excuses or proposals rather than saying that 'the desire to make Malaysia a country that practised Islamic policies could be achieved if there was unity between PAS and Umno'....

What is holding the current government from 'practising Islamic policies' without the coalition of the Islamic party?
The UMNO politicians and think tank whatsoever should be smart enough to know that the rakyat is not buying into this bullshits anymore and almost all of the people realised the UMNO supremacy has taken too much on people and majority is resenting them, which was evident from the last General Election result.

This cakap-cakap, I certainly take as UMNO's devious intention on hoping to gang-up and not to lose the next GE with great landslide.

Politician have no qualms politicising the religion, the needs of the people and their own mother!
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