Friday, 9 July 2010

Disgustingly human.

Don’t do that: Play with your placenta.
by Mira Jacob

Okay people, listen up: this isn’t about placenta hating. As far as organs that develop on the fly to feed and protect a growing fetus, the placenta is tops in our book. We get that it’s a veiny wonder of nutrient delivery. We appreciate the awe that inspires to humans to celebrate its role in the miracle of life. We even understand how a burial ritual feels like an honorable sendoff for such a generous body part. But turning it into a painting, a meal or a toy? Ew to the power of ew.

While eating the placenta (placentophagy) is honored in at least a few cultures,’s recent detailing of one family’s decision to sautee up a “mother cake” with a little garlic and ginger had more than a few of us at Shine shuddering.

Oh yes, we’re clear on the fact that the placenta is a great source of iron, and that Chinese medicine celebrates its ability to ward of everything from exhaustion to postpartum depression, but still…eat an organ that makes its exit through your vagina? What’s next, a time-o-the-month milkshake? Oh, silly us. It’s the “placenta cocktail.” (Really. Check out this recipe if you’d like to never feel good about drinking a V-8 again.)

Last but not least, we absolutely cannot leave out Joel Stein’s foray into placenta ingestion, albeit through pills. That’s right, there’s actually a person in this world who will come to your house, dry up your placenta and turn it into capsules. That definitely sounds more appealing than a cocktail, or at least until you watch the video below.

Of course, playing with your placenta need not be limited to cocktails and main dishes. One creative soul has come up with the placenta teddy bear (pictured), and eHow offers this delightful lesson on how to make placenta prints. Because really, who doesn’t want one of those?

(We don’t.)

We all know about them using placenta in cosmetics and all, and some (which I heard off, not knowing the whole fact of it though) having pop pills out of lamb placenta in order to preserved their youth and vitality but eating it?

I mean Why on earth do they have to eat that thing that came out of some women's vagina or had been in someone stomach for nine months?Don't they have any other things to eat in order to gain health effect whatsoever?

Put it this way, I am a person who find eating goats or cow's brain repelling, eating the head of this animal disgusting....eating someone's placenta?

I am still a human........

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