Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sex is CHEAP.

Sex for Dope.

Students as young as 13 are getting high on cannabis, Ecstasy and ketamine, not just outside schools, but under their teachers’ very noses in class.

Even worse, the
New Sunday Times found that female students who don’t have the money have sex with the pushers for a free supply of drugs.

Students claim the drugs help them relax and recover from the stress of examinations.

A sizeable number of secondary school students, aged between 13 and 17, are very familiar with both plantbased drugs such as cannabis, and synthetic drugs such as Eramin-5.


How cheap sex can be now.
And how easily acquired it is for those who enjoy frequenting little juvenile.
All you guys need is just hang around a secondary school in Malaysia.

After reading this article, i just can't believe it that some of the parents gave these students up to RM1500 per month as a monthly allowances. That my friend, is better than a peon salary at a small SMIs.
And what is with examinations that they are so stressed out about?
Like the generations previously and all the intellectuals before them in this country needed to take dope for 'releasing the tension'. Is it the dope or the pleasure of having cheap free sex that excite these juvenile?
Im not so sure.
But i am sure when a close family member share her story about some outskirt Felda kids engaging in orgies in some hidden kampung house.

So, again, the questions. Is it the parents fault or just their crave for sex becoming stronger after their parents and the generations of this world consumed too much genetically altered produce and hormones enhanced meats.

I do not know and dare not comment too, cause i have a daughter of my own too.

Come on here.
This is where the government should be more focused on.
Not debating and flip flopping on the Bahasa Malaysia and English as medium for teaching of Science and Mathematics.

The moral of the younger generations had over the years deteriorated.
It had gone worst, especially with monetary assistance from oblivious and ignorant parents who think money could buy everything in life.
I agree. Money could put a student away from peer pressure but i have seen some that survived without being the slave to the God of all Evil.

I had been a student in too.
But of course not in this millennium, so maybe my way of thinking are different.
My way of tackling stresses are different.
My way of choosing friends are different.

Actually sex and money cannot be separated. That is why one of the oldest carrier in the world is to become a prostitutes. It's easy and perhaps enjoyable by some.
There used to be a case in my secondary school where the 16 year-old girl was caught 'selling' herself to get money. She was expelled later.

It is known later, years after that the tittle 'Bohsia'.
But Bohsia don't need money. You can easily get them to have sex with you just with a hamburger and a coke from Mc Donald.

Now, i think the people of Malaysia should find a new name for these dope lovin juveniles.
In my opinion morally -- it's insane.
Religiously -- it's a sin.
Personally -- it's the making of future immoral generations supported by the ever money-loving parents, and couldn't care less teachers, and oblivious government who would not do anything until there'd be too many dead babies found at dump-side or flushed down the school toilets.
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