Monday, 7 September 2009

Indon again....

Get real Indon.....

And oh yes, these Indonesian thingy had been capturing my interest of late. Not that i have any concern whatsoever in this particular issue,but, hey, come on maids, i am joining my fellow Malaysian working parents into believing that your demand had 'naik kepala' (stepping one's head in ......) already.
Although i am not working in Malaysia, but i empathised with their predicament.

The latest news that read "Demand for RM800 maid salary not feasible, say groups" is absolutely on spot.

According to the article, Indonesia’s demand that its maids be paid a minimum RM800 was made by its ambassador to Malaysia Da’i Bachtiar which was quoted as saying that the republic is pressing for the minimum wage following cases of maid abuse by Malaysian employers......errrggg...maid abuse?

So, does that mean that when we pay them higher like our Arabs counterpart, we could hit and abuse them as we like and not getting into trouble cause WE PAY FOR IT?

It's quite a remarks.
Could it also be because Indonesia is having some bad vibes with Malaysia.
Why suddenly?
Could it be because of the Ambalat case, or the Terang Bulan song?

Nevertheless, of course such news is not a good news at all to the average income earners in Malaysia.

I agree with the feedback from one guy saying that not all of Malaysian are getting a 'four-figure pay packet' and suggest that Indonesia 'wait for Malaysian to progress so we Malaysian can consider such request’.

Hopefully, our Malaysian authorities won't back up and materialise the request for them to have minimum RM800 per month cause that, my fellow countrymen, will surely hit their pocket damn hard....already hard in this global economic slowdown.

There are too many factors surrounding this maid issues actually.
It will never come to a win-win situation at all.
The construction industry in Malaysia had once approximately 4-5 years ago faced with difficulties when the government took an action on sweeping all Indonesian workers in Malaysia in order to sift the illegal ones which, if i am not mistaken came to a staggering number of 2 million.

That numbers however, of course the approximate and 'beautiful' one so not to exposed the exact number of them flooding the country illegally.

And taking into consideration of the working couple, the need of a helper at home is vital.
Yes, sending kids to nursery is an option, but frankly, the Malaysian working couple had come to the level of becoming too dependent for a maid help at home to do things from taking care of children to cleaning right up to cooking.

No one can doubt their role as the person who help managed the house, but the real problem faced by an average income earner in Malaysia is that their own earning power . Furthermore RM800 is sometime higher than what a local factory workers might be getting.

A question brought up by one deputy minister whether will the increase in pay lead to better service from the maids was a good one and also suggested that households opt for other alternatives like engaging local or part-time maids to only work on certain days, which in my opinion will be good and healthy for family upbringing rather than depending to some alien with no attachment besides the money.

This issue will relates back a suggestion made by one ministry last time on setting up nurseries at office premises, and building more childcare and daycare centre -- which also had it's own set back with issues such as children being forced to take cough syrup so they'd all go to sleep and won't make much noise during the care.

And then what?.......
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