Thursday, 3 September 2009

Kartika Vs Kartika

When i first saw this news "BEER-DRINKING MUSLIM MODEL KARTIKA SARI DEWI SHUKARNO SENTENCED TO PUBLIC FLOGGING IN MALAYSIA" i was imagining a tall slender beautiful lady with sharp features but still suspect that she definitely hailed from Indonesia due to the name.

I mean-- the name itself . It's woopsy!! It's one of the known name among the list of socialites in the US or Europe.
For those of you who doesn't know who I'm talking about...she is the Kartika Sari Dewi Soekarno, who was born in 1967 raised in Paris and the famous daughter of 1st President of Indonesia, Soekarno and his beautiful Japanese Ratna Sari Dewi Soekarno.

She was married to the Europe Citibank President, Frits Frederik Seegers.

But this particular Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno who is claiming the limelight in both local and international scene is the total opposite of the her namesake.
To add to it, when i first saw her photos; the first thing that came to my mouth was; she's a model of what? Perhaps she is, but those that wear alligator suit sleezing on the catwalk....hahahaha....i've seen that one on the Fashion Channel and its utterly funny!

Okay -- cut my craps. Im bad sometimes....

What made me want to talk about this girl is -- her intentions of seeking limelight -- i mean 'international' lights okay! Now she had gotten all those human-rights humans to champion her and media carrying the news endlessly and in a way, it will undoubtedly affect Islam as the 'mean' religion.

Put it this way -- if she is a Muslim -- she wont become a model ( i still cannot grasp what type of model this woman claimed she is) because in Islam, women are not allowed to parade themselves unless, again, she paraded in an alligator costume on the catwalk....hahahaha....

Secondly -- she said she repented and wanted her canning to be carried out publicly....hmmm she is smart. I never know model can be as smart!...Nevertheless, any smart people surely know that this woman is being manipulated by some group and parties.

Malaysia does not practice the Islamic law "hudud' -- thus public caning or stone to death shall not be applicable. But why this 'glamour-seeker-ugly-woman' desperately wants to be caned in public?

She and her manipulator(s) knows for sure the government wont allow this.
Thus will accordingly, let her go scot -free when the case is being observed closely by the world, which of course would also tarnished the Malaysia's law reputations -- again.

I mean this little self-proclaimed model definitely is hungry to get worldwide coverage.
I guess she is trying to be at par with her namesake.
But girl -- you can dream on!

Consuming alcohol is a religious offense in Malaysia only for Muslims, where offenders are prosecuted in Shariah courts. Most offenders are usually fined, but the law also provides for a three-year prison term and caning.

The punishment is it seems in order to make the accused repent and serves as a lesson to other Muslims, which in my opinion and is a laughing stock cause in real life, hoards of Muslim Malays drinks alcohol.

So, i am not surprise if this self-proclaimed model gets off the caning and start drinking again soon after......
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