Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Double Bill

What can you say about it.
It was a double bill for Indonesia.
The twin disasters which happened just hours apart was beyond any human control.
Whatmore when the world's largest archipelago is situated in one of the most seismically active regions on the planet.Living surrounding there would mean; expect the unexpected.

The eruption of Mount Merapi(or Fire Mountain) which last erupted in 1994, followed by swirl of tsunami swooping away Mentawai's island chain near Padang remote area killing at least 113 people. I think the Indonesian government must at least know how to take care of their people, especially those 'ganyang Malaysia' lots, whom had never failed creating reasons for trouble against the two country every now and then.

I'm looking forward to watch and see what is Malaysia humanitarian assistance this time.
And to watch whether the Indonesian government could at least know how to say thanks in the future should those uncalled for tension arises created by some Malaysia haters by perhaps showing it's respect for bilateral relationship by rounding up those arse. I especially cannot forget watching those protesters wiped shits on the Malaysian embassy wall and burn our flag.

Feeling empathy towards those people?
Nah. Not at all.
Everyone will die somehow. And it is their fate to die in such a manner. I mean in the first place who would be so dumb enough to build houses near such 'angry old' volcano and by beach when they know that they're bound to be swallow by the sea water any given day or year.

God be with you Indonesia.
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