Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Crawly Cuisine

I came across this factual story about people's eating habits.

Who would have believe that there are people ~ or perhaps there is only this one person in the whole entire world that have the penchant for eating termites?

No doubt.

We all know and are well aware of the future world food problems in centuries to come due to global weather changes and all, but now? I mean when the earth is really an abundance of 'real' human food, why do people want to eat termite?

Do they tastes good and better than your cream chowder?

I don't think so...

Okay, yes.

There beings in the world that ate insects, besides ant eater and frogs.

Those people from Thai for example ate insects such as fried maggots, or scorpions and water bugs. I've seen those ingenious people on the telly in some part of Borneo eating the worms/maggots from Sago tree...which, no doubt looks kinda yummy with its off-white very thick fat body. And they ate it on the rocks!

But termites?

I'm guessing with the world energy industry continuous research for some other alternatives for the world supply in the future, the food industry also don't like the feeling of being left out. Mind you, they have already started with organising a conference on insect eating for the future. To be specific they are called entomophagy and those eaters are called entomologist.

We have vegan.

And now entomologist.

Perhaps 'ento' would fit in nice for a shortform.

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